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    WTB Spotting Scope and Binos

    Interested in a Vanguard Endeavor HD65S spotter?
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    Sold Vortex Razor Glassing Kit

    Just sent PM regarding spotter.
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    Will Idaho be This Week???

    Yep you nailed it. Waiting (im)patiently for confirmation I finally drew a goat tag. :)
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    Frank Church Wilderness Mtn Goat Survey - Aug 2017

    Wish I could make it this year. Had a blast last year!
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    "Be Amazed" - Video for ShaneVG's 2016 Spring Bear hunt finished

    Thought you might enjoy the video from my 2016 Spring Bear hunt in NE WA.
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    WA Booner Buck with a bow - 148" net green score

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It was an awesome hunt, now to see if I can top him this year. I have not yet made a video of my 2015 hunt (I do have a lot of footage and will be putting a video together eventually.) The video that has been referenced is my "Sahale" video of my 2014 rifle...
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    "Mountains Don't Lie" ShaneVG's Out of State deer/elk hunting video

    Finished editing my first video from last season that I called "Mountains Don't Lie." I wanted to share it with the Rokslide community. Please like/comment on the video on YouTube which helps trigger algorithms to lead to more promotion on YouTube's website. I hope you enjoy it...
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    WTS - iPhone5/5s PhoneSkope (Swarovski 65ATS adapter)

    Upgraded to new iPhone so looking to sell PhoneSkope for iPhone5/5s. I used it with my dad's Swarovski 65mm ATS spotter. In perfect shape. $20 TYD.
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    Oregon Rocky Mountain Goat

    Great looking goat! Congrats!
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    OTC-Wilderness Colorado Elk Hunt 2015

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing!
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    CO Unit 62 - Third Season

    Thanks Dirty Tough- let me know if you have any insight. :)
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    CO Unit 62 - Third Season

    How would you be hunting those steep draws? Still hunting or glassing?
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    CO Unit 62 - Third Season

    It's a long shot but I thought I'd reach out on the forum. I've talked to a couple people so far for advice but am looking for any advice for a unit 62 third season rifle tag my dad and I drew this year. We will staying in Montrose for the season. Aiming for 160 bucks as a goal. We hunted...