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    WTB Want to buy ag composites privateer Tikka T3

    I might have what you're looking for. I think I have a privateer, it's been in the basement for a while and I just put a T1x in it. I did mill it to accommodate the T1x , but I could throw a t3 action with a proof barrel and a mesa bottom metal to see how it fits. I'm pretty sure the color is...
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    WTS/WTT Manners EHT-A Tikka

    I have a MDT Tac21 for a Tikka. New in box (don't ask 😉). Pm me if interested. Thanks.
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    Sold Swarovski scope with BRH

    I have a Z6 3-18x50 with the BRH reticle, if you're interested.
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    Is Aguila .22 ammo any better or worse than the bulk .22 federal stuff?

    LoL, so true. It's stinky but it does shoot better than even federal match for me. But I think I just got a horrible lot of federal match. Some rounds are just louder than loud and it won't group worth a poop.
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    Question about bird dogs?

    I agree 100%. Pointers are wire differently. In a good way (mostly).
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    First year Colorado otc archery elk

    75% (or more) of the bugles you hear are hunters. Be flexible where you camp and be willing to move. Elk are where you find them.
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    Swaro ATX vs ATS worth the extra cost?

    Great thread. 👍 Thanks for the info!!!
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    Tikka T3x 300 Win Scope Mounting options

    Love the rail option, but be cautious of the overall height of the scope. When I used a rail on my Manners and Tikka combo, I had to add a chhek riser. Works fine no complaints, but awkward without the riser.
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    7 points Colorado

    That's a tough one. It depends on how old you are and the type of hunt you are after. I agree that great bucks are in every unit, but the effort and homework required to find them vary with the unit. I finally drew a Unit 21 deer tag last year and saw 40 bucks a day, but never saw the buck...
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    Colorado question

    Secondary deer tags in decent units are hard to come by. But they're out there. I would return the CO license for the preference point and consider the lost fee a wildlife donation.
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    Poll: Is this a Hit or a Miss?

    I agree. That would have been a great opportunity to walk through how to determine it was a clean miss and the effort it takes to responsibly investigate after the shot.
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    That's a bummer. While I may have only purchased 1 or 2 items off of armslist, it was fun to look to see what was out there. I don't see me upgrading my account for the one in a year deal I come across.
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    I was surprised when I found a local item that I was interested in, but couldn't get the contact info unless I upgraded my membership. Forgive my ignorance but when did that change?