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    6.5 PRC or 7mm SAUM

    Anyone looking for really good dies call Whiddon and have them made. John Whiddon’s dies are the nicest I’ve ever used. John makes custom dies not just what is listed.
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    What size cooler

    Have the processor put the processed meat into the cooler and freeze the cooler along with the meat. Tape the lid shut and don’t open it and it’s good for two days at least. Cheap Walmart five day extreme about 40ish qt. Fill any remaining space in the cooler with ice. Most meat processing...
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    6.5 PRC or 7mm SAUM

    7mm wsm !
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    First boat ride of the year surprise.

    That’s crazy cool !
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    Best Concert/Show Experience?

    David Allen Coe at Flannigans in Thomasville Ga in ‘91. Out front there was a line of black Harley’s with American flags on the back. Walking in before the show he comes walking out passing me and my roommate. He’s a really big man ! Show began with his band playing one warmup song without him...
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    2019 Sheep "meatpole"

    The chocolate coat on that ram is gorgeous ! I hope the mount lets that beautiful coat shine.
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    Gunwerks going into receivership

    The moving the money to another bank is a good idea if you’re planning on filling chapter 11 and reorganizing debt. You need cash on hand to survive the reorganization process.
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    Gunwerks going into receivership

    Gunwerks may have another side to tell but it’s telling to me that they’ve agreed to the receivership. That means Gunwerks isn’t contesting the facts nor the remedy.
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    Gunwerks going into receivership

    Gunwerks has obviously had a problem since the third quarter of ‘18 since they didn’t pay their sales taxes. They’ve been in the sad bank for awhile but the Chinese virus has got them. The Fed is going around with a new version of TARP and Wells Fargo sees their chance to dump their bad loans on...
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    Gunwerks going into receivership

    If claims by Wells Fargo are true it sounds like fraud. Selling collateral and not paying sales taxes will get you in trouble.
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    Gunwerks going into receivership

    WELLS FARGO SUES CODY FIRM GUNWERKS, CLAIMS IT OWES $2.8 MILLION TOM MORTONMay 20, 2020 Share Tweet Wells Fargo Bank has sued the Cody-based custom-rifle maker Gunwerks, LLC, for $2.8 million for unpaid loans and wants the company's equipment, according to federal court records filed Wednesday...
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    Judging a Black bear

    Congratulations ! Cool to get a really old bear. I hope you find that boar and cut the second tag ! Good hunting !
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    SUPER OLD 3 legged Idaho Bear

    Congratulations on a cool old bear !
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    Newbie reloading questions

    Hornady brass is notoriously soft and their dies are bottom of the barrel. Hard to beat Forster dies for value. For the best results I use a Redding body bump die then a Lee Collet neck die. A Forster micrometer seater. Or go top of the line and buy a Whiddon die set. You won’t make straighter...