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  • Hello, My name is Pete and my phone number is 215-872-3501. I would like to purchase this rifle. Please give me a call as I am a newbie and I am not familiar with the workings of this site. Thank you, Pete
    I might be interested-maybe! I am at least thinking on it. I have brand new euro 15x56
    We have talked before about our chukar hunting passion
    Call me
    Hey thanks for the help, how did you do on your hunts? Seems like no one here has ever rifle hunted this unit, only bow. Did you have some bad encounters with the rancher you were talking about? Do some of his lands mix in with public land, or he just thinks he owns the place. Any help you can provide would be great, I’ve been looking st onx maps and trying to find water sources in the areas I want to focus on, looks like a lot of cattle get put out in these areas? Thanks again
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