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    WTS SFWA Ultralight Plex 2.5-10x32

    SFWA Ultralight Plex 2.5-10x32 $313 via USPS and PayPal. Catch and release in excellent condition, I would think it was brand new the focus/diopter markings are a touch light at the eyepiece. Neat little scope, I think the clarity is excellent at 10x but not my bag of tricks. Only trades...
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    Benchmade Bugout for hunting duties?

    In M4? Heck yes, M4 is an outstanding steel for field processing. The downfall with the Bugout is the handle isn't lined with any metal, so it is strictly a slicer and not a twister or whacker.
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    Spartan Precision Equipment Giveaway *ends on Thanksgiving

    Put that in the deer contest and win him some kryptek!
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    What's your total weight upfront?

    235 total
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    More important: head or legs?

    We have the one version ago Promaster Guide525ck and a slightly stouter 3 section carbon Sirui, both with the Promaster SPCH20 pan head. They are both fine standing with no wind, and do ok sitting with wind. I am wondering what those who have used various brands of head and legs feel is more...
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    Chronograph recommendations

    This is the first Rokslide thread where everyone is right! Magnetospeed
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    Where to start with trail cams?

    That is honestly the biggest reason why I have never thought much on trail cams. I did order some of the case/boxes and the cable locks. In the past when I had run across a cam, I left a note or held my phone number up in front with the hope that the owner would call me so we didn't step on...
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    120 TTSX Performance

    In a 20" Vanguard we get 2829fps for the Hornady GMX Superformance, and 2891 for the Barnes.. In a 20" preferred barrel Tikka, the former gets 2889. I haven't put the Barnes through that barrel yet.
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    Knives... For the Kitchen

    I forgot to link in my above reply
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    Knives... For the Kitchen

    Since I am a fanatic, I have Spydercos. It might be a less expensive way to get into some Murray Carter designs. We have found MBS26 to be easy to touch up, which I think is very important in a kitchen knife. My older VG10 models are pretty rad, and I think Super Blue would slice and dice all...
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    Hunting Vs "Shooting"

    I can't use a rangefinder to be ethical either? This is getting fo-real!
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    Hunting Vs "Shooting"

    Is the lazy limit 350 horizontal or line of sight?
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    Hunting Vs "Shooting"

    Can I let it rain from 800 on coyotes and doe pronghorn since those aren't trophy animals?
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    Muzzle break for a pencil thin barrel? Worth it or not?

    The overlooked, and I think most important part, is that braked or not the report is going to cause damage to your hearing without protection. We have had zero issues with braked rifles in hunting scenarios because we are using hearing protection no matter what for the shooter and spotter.
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    Muzzle break for a pencil thin barrel? Worth it or not?

    Exactly what @wyosam said. A rifle shot with or without a brake creates the same amount of report, and same amount of recoil. The difference is that without a brake the report goes straight away, recoil goes straight back and is transferred through the gun into the butt into the shooter. With...