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    Favorite elk Rifle

    I dropped a loaded/chambered BAR out of a tree stand. It fell 15' and landed on the butt, pointed straight up at me. It cracked the stock at the pgrip, and half extracted the round.
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    Christensen or something else? 28 nosler or 300 prc?

    Thanks. And the Nosler Liberty line seems like they're made to be hunting machines.
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    Christensen or something else? 28 nosler or 300 prc?

    The Nosler Patriot is guaranteed to print real nice with Nosler Trophy Grade ammo. Sweet little vertical integration they got there, and it's in OP's range. "Barrel burner" is a nonissue in a hunting rifle, esp a hunting rifle that's been factory load-developed. 2 hunters could go 2 lifetimes...
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    Got my new Terraframe 50 bloody.

    Congratulations on your new training regimen!
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    How to choose the correct pack.

    You may still be able to find a MR Terraframe 50 [remarkably similar to the Pintler but marketed to granola-crunchers] on sale. They were $300ish last month at STP & Moose & even REI.
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    First backpack hunt, first archery harvest, AZ Coues

    Pretty sure he blew most of their legs off with a moa rifle and nice scope during rifle seasons. He always had one story or another about shooting deer he was unable to recover.
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    First backpack hunt, first archery harvest, AZ Coues

    I knew a guy, had 1500ac and loved to hunt, but wasn't too good at it. He'd loose his shit and crank some dumb shots. So when he talked about big ol bucks he'd seen on his spread, people would ask, "Was he limping off his good front foot, or just hopping off the rear?"
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    First backpack hunt, first archery harvest, AZ Coues

    Do you have a 94-yard pin on your bow?
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    Unit 23 Success!!!

    What a great trip OP, and that #1 bull is really something!
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    What I learned my first caribou hunt

    Awesome post mcseal12! I really appreciate the travel details.
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    Hello from Texas

    Super nice muley in your profile pic, OP.:cool:
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    Hey from Scotland

    You have a rich and skilled tradition of poaching in parts of Scotland, if I'm not mistaken? j/k Welcome!
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    hinchinbrook and montague island

    Bring your XtraTuffs. Right now, it's blowing Force 9 with 16 foot seas outside, a mellower 10 foot inside Seal Rocks, and it's raining hard...Just another day in the GOA. There's roads and trails and cabins all over Montague, and places to get out of the wind. It doesn't always blow like hell...
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    Win Free Gear #3

    Wool and synthetic base layers both have their places and times. I'm happy I have a choice!
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    Alaska Dall - Backpack Hunt: What Clothing?

    Go Cam Hanes on'em brotha!