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    Horse Bow Inspired PVC Recurve

    Cool. Might be a project to add to the post-hunting season list.
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    Sold Columbia Wool Jacket 2xl Sized

    Still available? I'm interested if the condition is decent.
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    Kansas Hunt Footage

    Great shot and nice deer! May I ask what kind of broadheads you were shooting?
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    The Bling Hog….

    Sweet! Nice job.
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    I missed tonight

    Just got back from the most exciting weekend of bow hunting in 20 years. I was watching deer regularly including a 150+ monster who was in love with my doe decoy. He just wouldn’t commit to circling to the important part to give me a shot. If I was still using my crossbow he’d most likely be...
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    Encore MGM 45 caliber muzzleloader pistol loads

    I purchased a Match Grade Machine muzzleloader PISTOL barrel chambered in 45 caliber on a whim a while back and would like to hunt deer with it this ML season. When I contacted MGM this is the response I got: "I'm sorry but I do not have any load data for the pistol muzzleloader. We had...
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    I missed tonight

    As the title says I missed tonight. This piece of property is new to me and I just started hunting it this year. After setting up a couple treestands and hunting a little I got the feeling I just wasn’t in the best spots. So, yesterday morning my son and I built a ground blind in what I felt is...
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    Thoughts on Bear Grizzly recurve?

    I bought my 45# Bear Super Grizzly a couple years back and it has shot well for me and it looks good IMO. It hangs on pegs more now that I have a Bob Lee but if something happened to my BL I wouldn't hesitate to walk into the woods with my Super Grizzly.
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    Working that Gap

    It has been answered already but I was told by my coach that it puts the arrow closer to the eye which makes line of sight and arrow alignment easier.
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    Working that Gap

    I agree with you 100%. While I don’t have the “experience” you do with split finger I started that way and did for a couple seasons. However, when I started getting professional coaching I was encouraged to shoot 3 under and learn my gaps. My scores and accuracy increased significantly. The...
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    Second Chances

    Great video. I got excited just watching it.
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    How's everybody make a living

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois and am a high school teacher of environmental biology, biology and forensics.
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    5 year drought with a bow ENDED

    Nice deer!
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    Two Fat Girls!

    Wow. That first doe looks massive. Good shots too. Congrats.