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    Fly or drive?

    Gotta agree with you. Life is short. If you know you have a fair amount of flexibility, then draw first, and work out the details later. If you waited to have all of your details worked out ahead of time, you may never draw a tag.
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    Scope Ring Torque Spec's?

    I use DNZ rings and Leupold scopes. I go 25 and it has worked out well. Initially, I went 18 and found the rings to be loose after an extended range session.
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    Leupold VX-3HD or VX-5

    Love the fire dot. Shot a hog last week with barely any light. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten the job done without the fire dot.
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    Shot camera for spotting scope?

    I'm going to start practicing my rifle skills (or lack thereof) at an outdoor range that has steel targets at 100,200,300 and 400 yards. I will be shooting solo in my lane, but will likely have other shooters around me. It occurs to me, with multiple parties ringing steel around me, there's no...
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    Scopecoat vs. flip-up caps

    I use the fancy pants Leupold lens covers. I like them a lot. For lots of rain or snow, scopecoat might be the ticket.
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    Appreciate the heads up. I’ll hold out and see what sales pop up.
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    Probably 11.5...maybe 12
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    Appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, Black Ovis doesn’t have my size in stock, but I’m willing to guess they run promo codes fairly often. I’ll keep an eye on their stock.
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    It appears that Crispi tends to run sales annually. Have you guys ever seen the Cirspi Guide boots on sale, or is that model typically excluded from annual sales? I would like to start hiking and breaking in a new pair of boots for my first elk hunt this year, but I don't want to pull the...
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    Favorite Axis deer recipe?

    I would ask at the Texas hunting forum, but having said that, I’m willing to bet that most venison recipes would translate well for axis. Good luck with your hunt. I had an axis hunt scheduled for June, but the outfitter cancelled due to the mortality rate for axis as a result of the freeze.
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    Ring torque- Swarovski vs DNZ

    I have a DNZ game reaper on a Tikka T3X 30-06 with a Leupold scope. I originally torques the rings to 18/in lbs, and after a long shooting session, some of the screws were loose. I have since gone up to 25/in lbs, and they seem to be holding well. Out of sheer paranoia, I do periodically...
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    New shooter: blame me or the gear?

    I am a novice shooter myself and own a T3X lite in 30-06. I had the benefit of taking some private shooting lessons. One thing I would recommend trying, and many may disagree with me, is at least loosely gripping the forend when you shoot. This is different than most guys who barely touch the...
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    Custom Dial Opinions - Worth it?

    No matter which of the side of the coin you are on, there is one universal answer that works for everyone... YOU DO YOU, BRO /thread
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    Got lucky in the Expo draw

    Does "any weapons" mean nunchucks are on the table as an option?
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    Custom Dial Opinions - Worth it?

    I'm probably one of these guys. Here in GA, most shots will be under 100 yards, so there's no dial twisting needed. I will only be taking 100-400 yard type shots twice a year during out west hunts (apart from my many practice shots leading up to these hunts). I haven't ordered my CDS turret...