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    Swarovski 10x42 - NL vs EL Review

    Seems rather short sighted for that headrest not to sit flush for 3 points of contact and STABILITY. I can see right now mine is going to have a shim glued to it...
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    Alaska Sheep Season 2020: New Gear Review

    Thanks for that. Very well done.
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    .270 Round Combo?

    100% agree with this. I am very puzzled by all the ELD-X love...maybe because it’s the mild mannered .270 but I’ve shot a few deer with my 300 Win with that bullet and I’d never use that bullet on an elk; nor anything else that is living and breathing. Those are just going to be used to get new...
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    Leica Customer Service

    Yep. I’ve never had an issue with Leica. On a Coues hunt in January I took a tumble and cosmetically messed up my Duovids I ended up sending them in during the “pandemic” and they let me know it would take a while as they were shut down. Then they let me know it would be a while as they were...
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    Best frying pan for truck camping

    You said price is no object. Finex cast iron is Diamond level Lodge. The cooking surface is machined and they are heirloom quality. I see some folks putting them in the campfire but I just can’t quite bring myself to do it.
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    What to do with a WSM?

    Thanks guys. Looks like that is not going to be an easy project. I’ll save that WSM action for another project.
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    2020 Best Wild Sheep Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Stone Glacier

    ^^^ what a heavy old warrior! Congratulations.
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    jetboil recipe

    I have found, and I have been using the JetBoil since it’s inception, the best thing to do in a Jet Boil is boil water. I don’t even brew coffee in it. Do your “cooking” ahead of time and rehydrate anything you want in a freezer or vac seal bag. Them your coffee doesn’t taste like your chili or...
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    What to do with a WSM?

    I have a Model 70 in 300 WSM that I don’t use. I’d like to turn it into a legal deer rifle for Soutbern Michigan, Iowa, Indiana. I believe there is a 358 WSSM that fits the bill but would it be possible to turn this piece into a 450 Bushmaster or 350 Legend?
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    Wyoming opener

    I took “wind” not for shooting, but for mental attitude and survival. The wind in Wyoming is incessant and typically strong. It wears on a guy...
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    SMOKIN’ deal on select sizes/colors of Lacrosse Alphabury Pro 1600 g

    Thank you! Optifade Marsh in #13 were $97 when I finally figured it out this morning.
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    Sitka advice

    Get her the WOMENS Timberline pants. They go by actual waist size. You will win best dad award for sure. Don’t buy her small men’s pants.
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    Leica ultravid hd vs hd+

    Thank you Doug. I could never tell ANY difference between the Ultravids and the HD+. Noctovids I could definitely see a difference between that and my Ultravids.
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    Leica Noctivid 10x42 Review, by Matt Cashell

    There are a number of mounts that clamp around one of the barrels of the bino for mounting. The Leica “tray” with the rubber strap grows on you the more you use it. Not having a bino stud would never be a factor in my decision on whether to buy a binocular or not.
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    How do I clean the inside of a Kodiak Canvas tent

    Canvas is pretty tough. I’d set it up, take a bucket of soap and water with a good 10-12” driveway broom and give her a good scrubbing then hose it off. All from the inside. Most of your water repellency comes from the canvas fibers swelling up, I wouldn’t be too concerned about wrecking any...