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    Sitka claim to fame?

    Oh we got it done but we were very uncomfortable and miserable doing it. Thank you Sitka Gear for changing all that. I will never climb a mountain in a pair of wool pants again. I do this stuff for fun and I am so happy to have been doing it for the last 10 years much more so than the first 30!
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    A couple recent wins for sportsmen

    Nice to see some good news for a change.
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    Michigan Governor appoints anti 2A member to state natural resources commission

    Yeah, that’s exactly how she got elected, promising to “fix the damn roads”. They still all suck... I’ve lived in Michigan for over 50 years and it is a constant embarrassment from who “we” vote for down to our pathetic sports teams.
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    Delta Airlines Flying Meat Home from AK?

    Fly Delta all the time. No issues bringing back meat in my luggage or in my Yeti Hopper carry on. Your tote plan is a solid one.
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes

    This is interesting reading: > > From: Laurie Marcovitz > Date: February 11, 2020 at 6:23:53 PM MST > To: Laurie Marcovitz > Subject: URGENT: SF0094 HUNTING LICENSES RESIDENT AND NON-RESIDENT; SENATOR HICKS BILL > > ? > > > > Dear Members: > As expected, Senator Hicks filed his 90/10 license...
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes

    That is great news. Thank you. I’m sure this is not the last go around. This Hicks cat is trouble...
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes Yuck.
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes

    There are a lot of entitles people on this thread trying to push a rope. In 2004 and 2005 USO Outfitters and a couple of their billionaire clients sued the state of Arizona challenging their 10% cap. As a result I drew a great elk tag and mule deer tag because for those two seasons the NR cap...
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    Wyoming Nonresident Proposed Changes

    What is wrong with you people. The guy is telling you exactly how the law is written. It’s been taken to court and upheld many times. Don’t kill the messenger who is actually on your side.. I have a LOT to lose in Wyoming. So much so I let my wife know yesterday we may have to stop there for a...
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    Am I Throwing Away $150 Per Year On Wyoming Sheep?

    Mia there anything a non resident with a lot invested in the Wyoming points scheme can do to help in opposing this bill?
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    Am I Throwing Away $150 Per Year On Wyoming Sheep?

    I’m going to be sick.
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    What light weight rifle has been your favorite over the years?

    AKTB-yes sir. Good eye. Just under the clouds on Kodiak. My favorite place in this earth.
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    Bear Meat

    I have eaten in fine restaurants all over the world. A black bear pot roast I cooked in a Dutch oven from a fall Michigan black bear is still in my top 5 all time. Bear that hasn’t been living off fish is awesome meat.
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    Best cleaning method/materials for optics

    Those dry papers give me the heeby jeebies...I always keep the Zeiss single serve wet lens cleaning wipes in my cleaning kit. Bellows work great for helping the fire in the wood stove too.