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  • Hey thanks for your response to my post about diy caribou. Sounds like i’ll be buying some new equipment. Any suggestions on outfits to book flights with? Thanks again!

    I am looking to retire from the army in 2016 and want to do a sheep hunt with a good buddy in Alaska. We are beginning to start looking at the logistics and requirements. With that being said we've looked at different guides and really don't have a clue what we are looking for.

    I'd sincerely appreciate any and all help you could give us. We will be coming from Kansas to give you an idea of our starting point.

    I have some questions up front to make sure we know requirements:

    Are we required a guide?
    Are there special requirements for bowhunting vs rifle?
    Are there other requirements for non residents?

    Again, thanks for the help!

    Hey man I bought the Mountain Ascent after reading your reviews. However I've been worried about the firing pin set screw. I think I found it looking at the bolt tonight and I backed it out halfway and added loctite, just wanted to make sure it was the right screw. It was the only Allan head on the bottom of the bolt that fit the description of a previous post. I was also wanting to make sure there was no way backing it out and adding loctite would have messed any adjustment up. Thanks for all your help on here!
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