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    What “luxury” items do you carry on your back?

    Fiskar Pruning saw, I do not go in the field without it. Most versatile tool. Clear shooting lanes, Emergency & Non-Emergency Shelters, cut bedding , cut firewood, emergency bush craft needs, build brush blinds, trim up foliage around Game Cameras, clear foliage and small limbs and plant growth...
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    What knives do you carry on your hunt?

    Buck Knife 192 Vanguard w/ rubber handle (won't slip immersed in blood), EZE Lap Knife sharpener
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    New to backcountry hunting!

    Go to Search, Type in your questions and go investigate! 90% of anything you will ever want to know is already in here.
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    Why was Stock Traders Thread moved to Firearms??????

    So much better better to have "Active Moderators" than "Inactive moderators"!! ...
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    Non-resident Idaho DIY Elk 2022

    "The grass is seldom greener on the other side of the fence"... Try to be a NR trying drawings a tag in NM. Absolutely investigate "Out of State" in Idaho but I don't think you realize the opportunity you do have in NM.
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    Archery Elk hunting Solo in grizzly country.

    This thread is really a good one. Thanks to all who have taken the time to provide input.
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    2020 OK Crossbow Buck

    That is a really great deer! Great MASS! and big old body too!
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    Guess the Score

    I just saw this , I was 145 3/8, close enough!
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    Chili Makin’ - Beans or No?

    Both! Depends on what I feel like throwing in that day!
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    Cursed windfall

    000 steel Wool & Elbow grease!
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    What made you Happy today?

    Spent the day yesterday helping a best friend of 41 years. He had quadruple bypass a year ago and they found Stage 4 Lung Cancer also. He has been battling it all for over a year. He also has Diabetes. The Chemo/ and radiation are wiping him out and causing lots of other very harmful side...
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    More rude and aggressive members

    I do see a bit more of a "negative" element rising in here. Hopefully the Moderators will continue to stay on top of it here. This is a good site. I am on another site that used to be a great site. Then it started becoming more of a "business". The Moderators started overlooking indiscretions...
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    College vs skilled trades.

    Ask an Electrician in 8 years. Right at 53% of all electricians working today will be retired in 8 years. You think it's hard finding one now!?
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    Gear Give Away #2

    Archery, by far.
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    Mr. Heater Buddy Do's & Don'ts

    Colorado. On a side note, the Bernzomatic Propane Torches work great for starting Propane Cook Stoves and Propane Lanterns. No need to mess with matches or Bic lighters! I keep one in my Truck tool box all the time and it comes in handy to have for all sorts of situations...