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    Pittsburgh gunsmith

    You could check out procision arms in Washington county
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    Idaho City

    I haven’t hit featherville yet but will put that on the list, stopped just shy of Atlanta fly fishing this past August (great time) so need to trek into there for sure, really liked the Trinity’s but didn’t get to stay in them long
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    Idaho City

    Yessir me and the wife really enjoy it there
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    Idaho City

    Will do mike, And you do the same
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    Idaho City

    Thanks partner, I’m into everything got a few places I wanna check out close to home for this spring. Definitely making friends where I can, I’ll shoot you a pm.
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    Idaho City

    Just got moved into the Idaho city area, didn’t know if there were any members close who might want to join on some summer scouting trips
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    New foundland moose

    Looking at Ironbound Outfitters out of new foundland for a moose hunt. Has anyone have any experience with them? Or other outfitters in the area? Any information would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    Vortex viper 6-24x50 HS

    Selling a vortex viper 6-24x50 I bought new in 2013. Has the BDC reticle it's in good condition I do not have the box anymore. There is one scratch on it, I havnt taken it off the rifle yet so they're may be some ring marks on it. Nothing wrong with it I'm looking to go a different direction...
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    Martin Savannah long bow

    Selling Martin Savannah 62" long bow 55# @28", I bought this bow I think in 2008 shot it for a year and in the closet it's been ever since. Would like to get 300$ shipped to your door
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    Stove for sawtooth

    So I pulled the trigger on a Sawtooth recently and was thinking about getting a medium titanium oval 7'' stove for it. Would like to hear some other options or words of advice from guys that have more experience then me. Far as I can tell this stove should do the job just fine without soaking up...
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    Tarptent Scarp 2

    I bought this tent in 2013 new, it comes with the cross brace poles and nest, both of which are removable. It was used on one hunt for 5 days and worked great. It is seamed sealed and am asking 315$ TYD, I believe it's about 4 pounds without the cross poles all the specs can be found on tarp...
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    Question for Colorado residents

    So we are planning a move west, after my wife gets out of nursing school. We have been visiting Idaho Montana and Wyoming checking out different areas, we still have 2 years to decide. I'm familiar enough to know the perks of being a Wyoming resident along with Idaho and Montana. But im not...