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    Fires affecting your hunt?

    Makes glassing tough
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    Colorado here I come

    Stud buck
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    Check your spare tires

    Make sure your lugs aren't overly tightened or about to strip out.
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    Check your spare tires

    Make sure your spare hoist isn't completely seized up.
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    Managing expectations- Colorado

    I was just up in that neck of the woods for a few days scouting. CO in general has been really dry so I don't expect significant antler growth. I did see some decent bucks but the vegetation is definitely lacking compared to laster summer. I would expect a tough hunt.
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    Tricks for walking on crunchy ground

    Can you ambush them now that you have patterned them?
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    Idaho Possibly Capping DAV Tag Numbers

    Don't you ID guys get two deer tags though?
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    Neighborhood Buck!

    Interesting cape on him this time of year.
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    22 CO Mule Deer Points

    Burn them next year IMO. This is the first year of the later season structure. Quality and quantity is gonna go down from here.
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    News from CPW Sportsmen's Roundtable summer meeting

    When is the discussion about the wolf ballet gage order?
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    Glassing Prone

    After spending a few hours at the range shooting prone I would not do that.
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    Colorado Fire info

    CO needs it tbh. Deadwood is everywhere, blowdown, beetle, etc.
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    Long Ride Season

    Search for some of the podcast threads on the site. There are a lot of suggestions there.
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    200 yard public sight-in in the Front Range, CO?

    Pawnee open to public. 100 and 200 bench paper. Steal 400-1k
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    Pet Peeves

    Educate me on wtf a buck bomb is haha