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    Hunting mistakes you have to laugh at.

    Few years back my cousin went and hung trail cameras in an area. It was mid June and there was still snow in the meadow. We went back before the August bear season opener and couldn't find it. I gave up and figured someone had stolen it. By chance I look up and there it is. About 12 feet in the...
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    Eastern Oregon joining Idaho as a State

    Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon should become a state. And western Washington and western Oregon should become a state...
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    Another year, another WDFW donation

    Drew multiseason deer.
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    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I need Ethereum to pick back up to pay for my out of state tags.
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    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I bought eth and doge last week. But funds didn't transfer in time to get a full ether before it went way up.
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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    My wife brought that up too.
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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    It's about 1.5 miles to the truck as the crow flies. But with quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. Through brush and dead falls.. Getting in quietly is tricky and last year i spooked a buck and doe moving through the timber. My thought is ill make more noise getting into the blind than if I...
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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    Do you recommend sprays that eliminate scent or should I use deer urine to cover up my scent? Thanks for the input
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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    This is a packable unit that will be brought in during June and retrieved in October.
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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    Evening everyone. Main question: does anybody sleep in their ground blind overnight Second question: is it effective to cut trails and or block off paths to funnel animals into a certain section of trail. I'm planning on setting up a ground blind in some thick timber. Rhino 300 I will be...
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    What gear are you replacing in 2021?

    Replaced my random tripod that I found at a garage sale with a used vortex summit Tripod. Why- the Tripod is won't hold the spotter up and I broke the mounting plate. Also upgraded my bushnell spotter to a Hawke, shout out to doug. Why- the bushnell was not sharp and is dark in low light...
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    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I wish I had got into stocks a year ago, I just sat on my savings. I've read a lot of this thread and find it fascinating. Keep it coming guys. I just started a few random stocks and cryptos but I'm slowly learning.
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    What did you do today to get ready for archery season?

    Purchased a new Archery target and picked up some new Arrows. Shout out to riverside Archery in Mt Vernon Washington.
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    Sold Vortex Summit SS-P tripod kit

    I'll take it. Pm inbound