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    BlackOvis Discount?

    COUPON CODE: WB-97XK51-20 VALID UNTIL: 12/1/2020
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    2020 Blacktail Success Thread

    Don't be surprised if the NET score is low, but those bases are wicked. I've taken several low scoring bucks that are unique/old which means more to me then inches on a scoresheet. If you still have the lower jaw pull the front teeth and send them in to WDFW for aging, they offer it for free.
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    2020 Blacktail Success Thread

    I agree with the above statement, gross somewhere in 110" range. Either way the character of the buck is awesome. There are a lot of great WA blacktail that score poorly but win huge points in the character/uniqueness category in my book.
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    WTS FL Uncompadre Pants- Lrg

    WTS NWT Firstlite uncle padre pants, size large in dry earth. $160 TYD in CONTUS, buyer pays G&S fee.
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    Blacktail Wa?

    Negative, this was the first time I ever saw him but not uncommon genetics for that area. I stopped running cameras about 5 years ago and now just hunt based off historic experience. Before having kids I’d run 10-15 cameras a year to catalog deer but I don’t have the time anymore.
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    Blacktail Wa?

    caught in a rut zone with a doe and some satellite bucks.
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    WTS Another Gear clean out thread - Kuiu, Sitka, Pendleton wool

    do the Kenai bottoms run large, small or true to fit?
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    WTS Seek outside silex w/ stove jack and Nest

    If you decide to break them up please let me know on the Silex.
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    WTS Seek outside silex w/ stove jack and Nest

    Price for the silex solo? Assuming the nest sells
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    Sold Sitka- Kelvin Lite/Mountain Pants/Thunderhead Pants

    They run a little large for layering over another pair of pants. For reference, I'm 6'0" and 185lbs. I would wear these over a pair of mountain pants or Kuiu Pro's with no issues. I tried on mediums but they were tight in the crotch and didn't allow for layering with a regular pant underneath.