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    Hoyt risers always seem great to me. I’m more interested in their cam changes. I reverted backwards instead of forwards first time in my life and bought 2 Nitrum 34’s from my brother because of the Z5 cam. To me right now, nothing is touching a Z5 cam. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hoyt bow

    Personally ? I’d go Carbon. But that’s me not you. Hoyt is a super great choice, my choice in fact. You just need to shoot them all and consider the cost if cost is an issue. I will say this. I never bow hunted elk. But from what I see, 60 yards is a normal shot. Will that yardage in...
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    Before I’d buy another Yeti, I have the 65, I’d get the RTIC. Comparable quality and ice retention, 1/3 of the price. I own 3 RTIC and 2 Yeti. For game transport I get tons of mileage out a Coleman Extreme’s. They hold ice just as well as a Yeti or Engle. Cost is way low. They have garbage...
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    Flathead Valley Bow Tuning?

    If you’re watching YouTube instruction videos on tuning, especially a Hoyt, look for John Dudley of NockedOn. Dude is amazing in explaining things in simple form but doing high end tuning and shooting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flathead Valley Bow Tuning?

    Irregardless of having tuning to your liking or not. I recommend you begin to set up a small work area for addressing needs on your bow and arrow building. Couple things ? Press Drawboard Bow vice Paper tune rack Start there. Not sure how old you are and how your eyes are, but serving skills...
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    The Non-Truck Tire Thread

    Long time car dealer here. Towed a bass boat for many years to and around Lake Okeechobee . Burned thru Michellins, Good Year, Goodrich, Continental tires like candy on our coral based roads mainly with Tahoe’s, Bronco, K5 Blazer. Brother tells me about a tire named Master Craft Coursier MSR (...
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    Iron Will entry/exit & blood trails

    Not trying to patronize you, but from experience something tells me all 6 shots were spot on boiler room hits. So good shooting first of all. Second of all, the head speaks for itself, just by looking @ them, who would want that thing coming @ you @ 300 FPS ? Not me ! They are rugged heads for...
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    I wonder what the 'announcement' will be....

    Actually , this proves they don’t even care about the immigrants because Trump is willing to give them a 3 year extension instead of having ICE deport them. So what do they care for ? I’m beginning to think they are puppets for George Soros contributions. Pictures have shown Pelosi and...
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    I wonder what the 'announcement' will be....

    Trump made an offer to Demon Rats [emoji232]. 5.7 Billion wall funds $850 million emergency money for 1 other item, $800 million for another. If I can recall, kids @ the border and judges for the 900,000 immigration pending cases. Then the biggie, 3 year extension to DACA and Temp status...
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    Bones found

    So gun jammed ? Why would you approach a wounded 1500 pound animal ? Experienced hunter ? Ha. Something doesn’t add up. But may he Rest In Peace nonetheless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Syria suicide bombing hits home

    RIP This is why our kids need to be home. Isis acts up again, it’s time to just level the place with a button, he’ll have no mercy who’s in the way. My dad was WWII. He said they didn’t take time to weed out good from bad. Good was supposed to know not to be associated with bad. Therefore all...
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    Gators and hogs with a bow

    Gator hunting is by draw. So your outfitter will have to have drawn tags. Pretty easy, a hassle, bit costly. Hogs are everywhere where there’s mud, green roots and habitat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk