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    If you had...

    When are you supposed to have the new bow?
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    Lapua brass production halt

    I did the same thing, glad I got it if I need it.
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    Favorite mid layer hoodie

    Its a toss up for me between the Sitka heavyweight and the Born Primitive quiver hoodie. The Sitka is a little warmer, but I'm a fat kid and prone to easily breaking a sweat.
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    Trad Strings

    TTT and Mtn Muffler are the best I've used, I can twist one up if necessary but there is certainly a wide gap in quality between mine and those that I've bought.
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    If you had...

    You won't find a better person than Buddy Gould.
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    If you had...

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    If you had...

    The most accurate bow I’VE shot is my Bob Lee (hardcore riser with cobra curve limbs). My favorite bow to shoot is my Poison Dart longbow. I’ve got an ASL on the way so we’ll see where that goes. There are so many options right now, just don’t over bow yourself.
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    6.5 x 47 or more mainstream caliber?

    I love my 6.5 x 47 and wouldn't hesitate for a second to hunt any species you mentioned.
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    Velocity Test: Recurve vs Longbow, both 45#

    Did the recurve limbs have the foam cores?
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    Silencer Central Experience Needed

    My experience has so far been painless. Ordered on 22 Mar, phone interview for ATF processing 20 Apr, still waiting on ATF. Would definitely use SC again.
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    Reinhart 18-1 compared to Morrell High roller

    Having used both I would 100% of the time take the 18-1 over the high roller. The driver for me is multiple aiming points in the center of the target as opposed to having to dance around the edges .
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    WTB Iron will hit inserts

    Got em! PM your address and I’ll get them shipped tomorrow.
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    WTB Iron will hit inserts

    I have 10, I think. I have to get them pulled. I think they’re 50’s.
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    WTB Iron will hit inserts

    How many are you looking for?
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    WTB Iron will hit inserts

    I may have some I can scrounge up, I'll take a look tonight when I get home.