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    Let Off %

    South Dakota had the same rule a few years ago. I can tell you they check equipment if you harvest an animal and get checked. I got a mule deer with my Halon and the warden asked to see my equipment and he checked the bow over and commented on my 75% mods (they are silver instead of black- so...
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    Iron Will July 4th Giveaway

    ^^ I’m assuming your good. I’m ordering some broadheads today - it says thru the 4th
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    Crispi Nevada GTX or Synthetic for early season CO

    I have been through a ton of threads racking my brain and overthinking this probably. Ive done pretty good over the years with my Nevada's in various places and been through a few pair, they have been good. I usually bowhunt elk in Idaho and eastern OR later seasons and its been cooler. This...
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    Victory vap tko vs. goldtip pierce platinum

    Id honestly recommend neither. The Gold Tip spine consistency sucks and VAPs arent the greatest either- I have used many of the micro's - the best by far for me and in the Ram spine tester has been Easton Carbon Injexions. Great advice above to use the IW components or I have also had great luck...
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    VAP TKO alternate nocks?

    As Zac mentioned above, Firenock G nocks are awesome. Its the first thing I replace on my injexions. TheD6 nocks are ok but the Firenock uses a very durable plastic and has a great fit on my serving... a larger throat and shorter.
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    Valkyrie Arrow and Broad heads

    Thanks for the PM Zac. Sneaky, it was the ProMax that Valkyrie uses standard in 4 fletch for the sample/ tuning kit. I am going to try some AAE stealth in 3 fletch with helical. These Valkyrie do fly like darts - love that part!
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    Valkyrie Arrow and Broad heads

    Pm me if your interested in selling ...looking for 300 spine 28 ish
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    Valkyrie Arrow and Broad heads

    I’m on the fence of ordering some, samples shot great, but trying to figure out fletching. The AAE pro max or his turbulator strips hiss so much I can hear it when I shoot in my basement (20 yards). I haven’t heard another arrow like that- if I can figure out some quiet low profile fletching I’m...
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    Expanded Spine Chart and Arrow Build

    Good read, the above is the issue with those Ti halfouts. The halfout makes it but the leverage it creates will snap a lot of those lighter faster arrows right behind it. Its been better with FMJ 4MM but still can bend the shaft. I really have had great luck with IW D6 inserts and collars or...
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    "Easterners", how did you pick your first CO OTC Unit?

    I did learn you need to be careful on BLM. You want to make sure the BLM area you are looking at is open to hunting. Colorado is a little different that way.
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    Arrow spine

    The shop sounds pretty suspicious as well. Put an arrow in the rest and make sure with the forks up that the arrow is running level through the Berger hole or towards the upper half. You may need the TL1 one fork as Cnelk mentioned if they set it up level in the Berger and the forks are hitting...
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    Arrow spine

    I’m not sure if you did this but, it sounded like you were heading there. Loosen the set screw on the QAD chord at the rest just enough so it will pull through while you draw (make sure it can move or the set screw will cut the chord) . Pull an inch or so through to shorten the chord. Draw your...
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    Nock high tear

    Yes, nicely done!
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    Kifaru Stryker vs MR popup28

    Man, I was all set to pull the trigger on an EXO then I found all this...decisions...
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    Kifaru Stryker vs MR popup28

    Which frame are you guys using on the Stryker. I’ve been looking at EXO 1800 (easy to order! I’m lazy) but I like the looks of the Stryker for my daypack elk hunting and carrying sticks out East here. I had a Popup18 and hated it the first time I put a quarter in it - I’m too old for that any more.