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    Backpack for a first time 10 day Elk hunt

    ...have you ever done this before? Seriously. Let’s manage some expectations here. It’s a romantic idea that has the potential to lose its appeal after the first day. Not to be doom and gloom, but have a backup plan and something at the truck...base camp. I suggest trying a bunch of one day...

    Being young making decisions would you do it all over again.

    Join the military. Constantly varied in job and location. Only a matter of time before we kick the shit out of Iran. Maybe then you can go sheep hunting there.

    Keeping Trespassers it possible?

    Landmines will do the trick if all else fails. Kidding aside, fencing.

    Keeping Trespassers it possible?

    How big of an area? How many feet along the border? Any possibility of cutting a noticeable break/line along the border?

    Bladder water that doesn't taste like...

    Good question, and one that I just learned to deal with. I found I don’t mind the taste when I’m parched. Also, taste mellows out over time with uses. Another option is a water bottle.

    GoRuck Event

    No experience with them, just wondering if you’d want to do one now when season is so close? Specifically regarding injury risk.

    Oshkosh, Wi Fly in

    That’s the shortest take off and landing I’ve

    CPW posts Wolf sighting

    Cue them up! I haven’t seen whether or not you’ve served so please, by all means. I wonder what wolves in CO will do to non-res hunting pressure. Might be a “good thing” for those residents who complain of NR overcrowding.

    CPW posts Wolf sighting

    What does being gay have to do with wildlife management? Seriously. Get out of here with that stuff.
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    Tapatalk -marking read

    Get rid of it. I had tapatalk for a while and couldn’t stand the ads and how much storage it took up. Now I just log in on Safari, no issues.
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    Elk huntin partner

    Sawtooth a = Idaho
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    Newbs Unite: What’s the Dumbest Mistake You Made 1st Time Out

    Walked out into the woods with one game bag, which wouldn’t fit a quarter. Should have opened the package prior to putting it in my pack.
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    Dog names

    General Sterling Price
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    What are some modifications or "must haves" to keep in your vehicle/hunting rig?

    Regarding what can happen if/when a line parts (ffwd to 3:20):
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    Dog names

    Otto, Kaiser, Elmo, Toby. One or two syllable names that are not overdone.