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    Getting to Bettles

    Interesting. Is BRA or Wright Air able to move you if no Caribou? Any of you had this experience?
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    CWD meat, maybe?

    CDC and WHO recommend testing and not eating meat that is positive for CWD. If the meat cannot be tested, I would not potentially endanger my wife and children by making them eat the deer nor would I consume any. In good faith, in this situation, I would have to drop it off at F&G or dispose of...
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    Titanium cup/mugs

    Do you know if the reversable cup/lid takes longer to boil water than a flat top lid? In any case, looks like a good setup.
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    When/if need to use Canister stove vs liquid fuel at Altitude and Cold for sheep hunt?

    I have a Soto Windmaster that easily works at 6500 ft and about 15 degrees. Can I use it at 10-12000 feet and about same temp? Else, at what temp/altitude am I better off switching to a fuel stove like a Whisperlight or other muiltifuel stove?
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    Who to go with for Grizzly & Dall combo?

    Wow. All Rokdlide members, thank you. You have provided me with valuable feedback and insights, great perspectives and the opportunity to narrow down what I am looking for. Thank you.
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    Difference between 7-day, 10 day and 12-14 day Dall Sheep hunts?

    Ok, I can do math but it's more complicated than the difference is number of days. In my research for Dall sheep outfitters, some offer 7-day hunts at almost the same price (within $2K-4K) of those outfitters that offer 10, 12 or even 14 day hunts. In speaking with different day amount...
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    Who to go with for Grizzly & Dall combo?

    Do you recommend a combo for Grizzly (as defined by B&C) and Dall? I have a short list of outfitters in both Alaska and Canada that I've been researching- so I know it's something that they offer, but might be better to do two separate hunts? No guarantees in hunting; I am just trying to...
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    Arctic Air Unguided Caribou Hunt

    Looks like a beautiful trophy!
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    Canadian Dall Outfitters

    Me too, fun.
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    Ak or BC for goat, and with who?

    That's nice to hear. I just thought maybe genetics were the overriding factor limiting horn growth but it sounds like some animals can get very large and mature.
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    Talk me into a seek outside

    wiiawiwb, thank you. Photos help a lot!
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    2020 Caribou DIY trip

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    Arctic Air Unguided Caribou Hunt

    Hmmm...sounds like a Quebec hunt I was on. Drop camp and told us that they would move us if Caribou were not there, but never did. Any other reports? Which other air transport services might you consider?
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    Ak or BC for goat, and with who?

    Have any B&C goats come out of Kodiak Island? I keep hearing how the population is growing and the environmental conditions are good for them and that there's a 2 goat limit in some places, but I never hear about trophy quality being anything other than very nice, representative trophies (which...
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    Seek Outside pack questions?

    Nathan, I spoke with Tyler and he also recommended speaking with you. I pm my phone to you. Thank you