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    Sold Arcteryx Thorium AR Puffy

    PMs returned. Not interested in trades right now.
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    Sold Arcteryx Thorium AR Puffy

    Puffy worn a handful of times. Size XL (I typically wear L, but sized up for layers underneath, and it fits perfect). Color is called dracaena, which is a brown olive to my eyes. No longer available in this perfect hunting color. $250 TYD.
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    2021 Vortex Summit Carbon II ***Updated 7/7/21***

    Incredible little spotter! I ended up selling to bump up to the 773. I have an upcoming sheep hunt that I wanted a little more glass for.
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    Sold PVA Ultralight Jet Blast Muzzle Brake - NEW

    Brand new PVA UL Jet Blast brake. Decided to go with a different barrel and need different threads. .30 Cal / 5/8-24 threads. This combo is currently out of stock on PVA. $115 TYD.
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    Sold New X-Caliber Carbon Contoured Blank 7mm .284

    Let’s get it gone. $525 TYD