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    Goldenrod gun safe dehumidifier questions

    For those of you that are familiar with these, can you answer a couple of questions on them: 1. Do the Goldenrod dehumidifiers have an on/off switch or are they always on when plugged in? 2. I am going to need to leave this in an unattended gun safe in a secured storage facility that is NOT...
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    North Georgia

    I would love to. What are the dates?
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    Anybody else's dog watch tv intently?

    Our two Schnauzers do. The little guy is especially attentive when there are dogs on the screen. We watched Benji the other night and the two of them were locked on the show barking and going crazy.
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    North Georgia

    Be back in Blairsville next week! Can’t wait.
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    Truck question - Nissan Titan.

    I owned one of the first Titan XD Turbo Diesels that came out in 2016. I loved it. The entire truck was overbuilt. it was bigger than a 1/2 ton but smaller than a 3/4 ton. Very reliable truck and VERY comfortable. I only sold it because I needed a 1 ton DRW to pull my 21,000 lb fifth wheel.
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    Sig 1911 Trigger

    Wilson Combat.
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    Recommendations on muzzle brake Expensive, but they are the best IMHO. I have two of them: one my 30-06, the other on my 45-70.
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    WTB Left Hand 30-06 or Custom Bolt Rifle

    I have a Savage Weather Warrior with AccuStock floating stock and AccuTrigger. 116FLCSS Stainless steel barrel. Here's a link to a description of the rifle...
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    Sold Left hand Savage 116 ss 6.5x284

    I have this rifle in 30.06. It’s a great rifle, and the AccuTrigger breaks as crisp as glass.
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    Money advice for a 19 year old

    Hookers 'n blow ;)
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    In the rear with the gear
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    In the rear with the gear

    Yep, no argument there.
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    In the rear with the gear

    Let me help you to understand pal. Take a look at this link: 1991 our deficit increased by $432 billion then slowly increased - at a decreasing rate - until in 2000 in was a mere $18 billion y/y...
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    House Contractor Won't Finish - Repercussions?

    Screw his wife, shoot his dog, and burn his house down. To. The. Ground.

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