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    Alaskan Bowhunters Association - Grizzly Bear Hunt Raffle

    I apologize to the three guys who purchased tickets too late. The system was supposed to block sales after the 300th ticket and it obviously did not. All three were issued personal emails apologizing for the error, and refunds were issued. It would be unfair to the original draw to allow...
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    ABA Fully Guided Brown Bear Hunt Raffle

    Posting this with Ryan's permission. Alaskan Bowhunter's Association purchased a fully guided Alaskan Brown Bear baited hunt for the spring of 2020 with Jonah's Alaskan Outfitters to raffle off. We are only selling 300 tickets total for $100 each. Anyone who wants to hunt big bears, mountain...
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    Kodiak winter so far?

    I leave in 5 days for a goat hunt. All reports I've received mirror what has already been posted. Very mild winter thus far, not much snow at all down low, and temps are still luke warm for the next few weeks. Winter goats, and fall brown bear tag to pair with the annual sitka hunt. Love me...
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    Alaska Unit 23 Federal Land Status

    Noatak is a controlled use area, No airplanes at all for hunting purposes Aug 15-Sept 30 so unless you plan to hunt first two weeks of August no NR will be hunting there.
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    Do I complain about the OnX recurring fees??

    Companies run promotional all the time, it's how they attract new customers on the fence and grow their business. If it isn't worth the price, their prices will adjust accordingly in the future as demand falls off. I can see for a guy who hunts his same in state honey holes every year why the...
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    Bear fence???

    I've never used one on a caribou hunt, I've used them a few times on Kodiak. They certainly don't hurt anything if you can swing the weight flying in.
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    Meat Freezer

    I have a medium chest freezer and a larger upright. Upright for meat to cycle through next, then chest freezer for the newest meat if upright is overflowing and then space taken up with frozen gallon jugs of water. I use the gallon jugs in coolers during the summer to not buy ice. This helps...
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    Solo Kodiak drop hunt

    I've gone with and without a fence. We had one last year that we didn't ground properly. Slept like babies the first 5 nights knowing all our gear was safe while we were away. Day 6 I got into the whiskey a bit too much and accidentally touched the fence, which barely even tickled me. We all...
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    Kifaru: hot spots in lumbar area?

    My thoughts are to call Kifaru. Excellent customer service/tech support. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which InReach Plan?

    I just got the annual unlimited text plan for me. 3/4 of my state doesn’t have cell coverage and it’s easier for me to not remember when to turn on/off coverage. I’ve had 40 texts used up in one conversation before when solo in the tent on the sheep mountain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sat Phone or No Sat Phone

    I own both. Have the new inreach mini and an iridium 9575. They each have their uses, although I believe I'll be parting ways with the sat phone after this fall. I just don't use it enough to justify the $480 in minutes annually.
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    March Madness 2018

    I bleed blue still so I picked a terrible bracket with Kentucky making the final four. As long as Duke and Carolina both choke early I couldnt care less what happens next!
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    Best credit card for outdoorsmen

    I live in Alaska so the choice is easy for me, I have used my Alaska Airlines card since 2012 for everything from a pack of gum to rent throughout college and medical bills. I pay it off twice a month and have never carried a balance. I have received $5k+ in free airfare at this point. For...
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    OnX Maps Alaska Chip

    Bumped, send me an offer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kenetrek Mtn Lite Boots sz 11

    Moderate use, just never fit my foot quite right (no kenetreks have). Still have plenty of life left in them for the right person. Asking $100, but make me an offer. I can get pics tomorrow if needed once I return home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk