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    What it is

    While you found an incredibly old stove, I think weve found the perfect place for a WKR sticker and some flex seal. Crackerized.
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    RAA (Rokslide Addicts Anonymous)

    26. You know that "ill take it" in the thread itself needs to happen before an "ill take it" PM. 27. You keep a fresh WKR sticker in your glove compartment in case you buy a new bow case after work.
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    New FHF Bino Harness *Product Leak*?

    The bugler had it earlier this season.
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    WTS Kifaru Echo RG

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    Sitka 2022 Rumors

    Another year thinking theyll add a hood to the kelvin active jacket and now ambient jacket, but they wont. To their credit, they did get the womens version of the ambient jacket right this year.
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    WTS Kifaru Echo RG

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    WTS Kifaru Echo RG

    RG Kifaru Echo. Used 1 weekend for a 3D shoot. Has the bane frame sheet (without stays). Also added webbing to 1 side so you can carry arrows in the bottle pocket (3rd pic). No belt. Changed the shock cord on front to ranger green, will include the original CB cord. 265 tyd pp ff or add the...
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    Kifaru Doorgunner

    Just for future reference, I have had the doorgunner, and currently have an E&E, Urban Ruck 2.0, Echo and Shape Charge as far as kifaru daypacks. I still think the Bandit is the best early season whitetail day pack/tac pack out of the bunch and I wouldnt say its even close, and its about half...
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    If you could only have two pants...

    OG Prana Zions, and this solid green pair of Under Armour infil windstoppers Ive had for 3-4 years that I havent really used till this year. Mightve said the Timberlines before, but these older UA Infil WIndstopper pants and either FL furnace or kiln under can handle just about anything. Not...
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    Sitka Ambient

    Agreed, I have both and performance wise its not much different. Ended up sewing a kangaroo pocket on the ambient hoody. But I pick between the 2 based mostly on what other layers Im wearing. I will bring the ambient if I think it will more than likely be my outer layer or under a jetstream...
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    Shooting Gloves

    Agreed with this. I just cant wear a glove on my release hand - and definitely not one thick enough to make a difference in cold weather. The new marsupial hand muff is pretty impressive. I used it a few times this weekend in the low 30s and my hands stayed warm with just the muff, didnt...
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    New FHF Bino Harness?

    Its on the bino harness product page from the link above. Click on shop<bino rig v1 and its there.
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    New FHF Bino Harness?

    Right, even in the video he has to make a swiping motion to peel it off, going back on it seems a bit smoother. Sew a rod, or extra carbon from cut arrows back there in the seam, with a pull tab in the middle and you can put it forward and over in the middle with 1 motion without having to peel...

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