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    Mid-Day Rut Movement

    I'm sure no doubt at the end of 50 years your will have more from the morning or evening but I also bet you’d have a good number from the mid day as well. IF your hunting the right spots for all day sits. It is taxing physically and mentally. So yeah if it’s going to keep you from hunting every...
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    Thanks. Sacks are a good idea but yeah I don’t really wanna mess with that at the tree I like strapping it to the pack my bow strap on mine just isn’t big enough for everything but the new pack may have bigger strap thanks
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    I whitetail Hunt private land So I don’t hang and hunt. I have an old fieldline backpack. I’m looking for a backpack to haul all my stuff including most of my clothes cause I sweat easy. I don’t need a kifaru or anything like that just looking for one big enough to haul fanatic bibs and coat and...
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    Spooked a buck, should I let the stand rest?

    I would probably rest it and I would wait till dark to get out of your stand action or not. You never know how far they are and there a lot more tolerant to something in pitch black then in low light.
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    Thinking about getting a trail bike

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah speed isn’t my concern really besides maybe running down the mountain road to hit a different drainage it’s other purpose would be to just get us up a Trail That’s open to bikes. (Which can get a little hairy) so I’d say climbing and stability is my focus.
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    Thinking about getting a trail bike

    Thoughts on Yamaha BW350 vs tw200 vs Honda fat cat? Thought about a Rokon but I need two for my wife and I and the Rokons are more then I want to spend
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    Acorn rage

    My experience 👎
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    Solo Moose Hunt in the books.

    Awesome congrats!! Way to stick it out
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    Alaska DIY Moose RECAP 2020

    Huge congrats!!
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    Unit 23 Success!!!

    Hey josh we have some mutual friends in se Kansas that told me about your success!! Congrats man!
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    Wyoming Thorofare bull

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    A big elk....

    I agree the video doesn’t reflect well. As far as the people, if I paid $225000 for a tag I’d probably round upas much help as I could as well.
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    Color light?

    Just for conversation. Do any of you put much thought into color of your headlamp when walking to where you want to be in the morning? I grew up in whitetail world and white light was a no no. I always use green for deer and elk. Just curious what everyone else does. GOOD LUCK
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    Gila bound!

    Good luck
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    Urinating while in a stand

    Your human scent trial walking in is totally different then your pee. All whitetails spook on a human scent trial. Be free and pee pee!! You’ll be fine.