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    WTS Lathrop & Sons Mountain Hunter Elite 11.5

    These were used for a one week trip last year, and a few training hikes. Excellent condition. Size 11.5 Regular width These will come with the L&S Synergy Footbeds as well. $315 TYD PayPal F&F or Venmo
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    WTS Seek Outside Silvertip - New

    Let’s get this sold!
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    Christensen Arms Mesa Stock Replacement

    Looks great. Any opinion on EH-1 vs EH-2?
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    Christensen Arms Mesa Stock Replacement

    I’ve heard this a few times now…pretty concerning after dropping $700.
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    Christensen Arms Mesa Stock Replacement

    Don’t love the factory stock on my Christensen Arms Mesa. Also, wouldn’t mind shaving off 6-8oz of my setup. Factory stock is around 34oz. It’s a 300 WM so long action. Best options for replacement? I’ve looked at Manners, Mesa Precision, and Greyboe. All look nice, leaning towards Manners...
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    WTS Palmetto Arms - AR10 308 Package

    Bought this brand new with my Christmas bonus, in hindsight I should’ve invested it into an Optics need I have (reason for selling). This gun is brand new, unfired. The scope is used, in great shape. It was mounted on my elk rifle for one season. Gun - Palmetto State Arms AR10 .308 win Gen...
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    WTB Manners or similar Tikka Stock

    Will any of these fit a Rem 700 clone? Long action
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    BE Focus vs Ethics

    Negative. Nexxus is a new company, an offshoot of Ozcut broadheads. Nick Morton is co-owner of both of those companies.
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    BE Focus vs Ethics

    I’ve tinkered with every micro diameter outsert system there is, and Day Six is the best in my opinion. Having the sleeve married to the insert portion is huge. It is stronger and allows the system to be one piece. Nexxus is good too, but they basically ripped of Day Six and aren’t USA made...
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    WTS Warne Mountain Tech Rings

    30mm - Medium Height Lightly used, great shape. $80 TYD
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    WTS Seek Outside Silvertip - New

    Brand new, green Silvertip, only setup, never actually used. Has stove jack, not seam sealed, but I will include seam sealer. Also includes trekking pole hitch. $300 TYD PayPal F&F or Venmo
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    WTB Bergara Wilderness Ridge

    6.5 PRC?
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    WTS 270 WSM ammo

    ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** Sold my 270 WSM. 4 boxes of Winchester 140 Accubond CT Great load! $75 per box + $15 to ship (what I paid) $315 total PayPal F&F or Venmo