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    How are people affording these crazy home prices?

    Glad I bought when I did, 2.09% on a 15 year note. Had enough of a down payment that our monthly payment is like 15% of our monthly income. Renting sucks.
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    I grabbed a set of 8x42 conquests here a few years ago for a good price. I’ve been using them pretty hard ever since. They are good binos.
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    Everyone’s favorite Carhartt alternative?

    It’s a real thing too. That’s the worst part.
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    124 HH Terminal Performance

    I’m with you. I was shooting the 127g LRX but I tried some of the HHs and it was shooting so well that I figured I’d stay there. The 137s out of my 308 just rip, they are great.
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    124 HH Terminal Performance

    I could probably press out a few 137g hammer hunters in my 300 win mag just to see what happens.
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    Anyone shooting an ILF “longbow”?

    I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a tough wait. I ordered a widow and they told me straight up, expect a 6 month wait. The bivouac guys said 4-6 weeks back on October 23rd so I thought I’d be shooting by thanksgiving but they got busy and I guess it takes some time to get new fabric...
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    Side arm for bear protection….?

    I used to do the big revolver thing (44mag, 454c) but those things weigh like 5 lbs each and I couldn’t get follow up shots nearly as quickly as I can with a Glock 20.
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    124 HH Terminal Performance

    I’m also interested, I’ve switched 100% to the 124HH out of my creedmoore because they shoot’s so well but I have not shot anything yet. I have shot a black bear with the 152 hammer hunter in a 308. Now I’m switching my 308 loads to the 137HH and the 166hh in my 300mag.
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    Scope magnification?

    I’ve never needed or wanted more than 10x but I’m not a long range hunter and I don’t really ever shoot past 500yds.
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    Firstlite disappointment

    I’ve never gotten into first kite because their sizing seemed awkward. All of their size L stuff was tight on me but their XL was waaaaaay too baggy. I havnt messed with first lite in several years now.
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    Everyone’s favorite Carhartt alternative?

    The flannel joggers are real, look them up lol. My friend ordered some sort of a down jacket from filson which cost several hundred dollars, it has a big “made in Bangladesh” label in it. My wife got me these workout shorts from A company called “ten thousand” that apparently are a...
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    Everyone’s favorite Carhartt alternative?

    Man I got an email from filson for….alaskan flannnel “jogging pants”…..I didn’t know those were even a thing.
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    Everyone’s favorite Carhartt alternative?

    I thought only rich homosexuals bought stuff from Duluth trading co…..I mean seriously, dual income, late career gays have that Duluth trading co $$$ Just joking……sort of.
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    Rebarrel a Kimber or Restock a Winchester 70

    My extreme weather 30-06 is like 8lbs scoped. Shoots pretty good though.
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    Suppressor wait times

    I’ve never heard the song lol, I’ll look it up.