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    Outdoor Vitals Atlas Hybrid 0° Sleeping Bag Review, By Casey Streepy

    does the bag have a full length zipper ?
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    WTB Looking for Barnes TTSX 7mm 120 gr. and 30 cal. 130 gr. Bullets

    I may have some 30 cal. 130s.I will check and let you know
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    WTS/WTT Kifaru Stainless Stove Pipe

    Is it a 3" or 4" dia.pipe? Does it come with the rings?
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    WTS Western Mountaineering Megalite 6'6"

    Does it have a full length zipper?
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    Best wheel gun setup for griz protection?

    I agree but haven't found a carry method that I really like.What are you using ?
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    Bivy Tarp set up DST, Silex or Eolus?

    O have a Cimmeron as well nut use a DST when Im not sure I will have room to pitch a bigger shelter.I had a Eolus breifly but decided to keep the tarp
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    Kifaru gun bearer on Exo pack?

    T works great
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    WTS Prana Adamson Winter Pants & Prana Zion Straight Leg

    I will take the Adamson pants P M incoming
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    Sold Western mountaineering badger, long

    great bag ,good deal
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    Stalker Stickbows????

    I have a Coyote FXT and like it. As I recall with the Wolverine you would need to send the riser/handle back to him to fit new limbs. With the Coyote you don't need to do that
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    Nest or bivy?

    I went with a nest. I've had a few biveys that wee all supposed to breathe.My bag was always wet in the morning
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    Comfort Sheep Hunting Items

    priceless ! you beat me to it
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    "Sheep are for Young Men" when hunting is more than just hunting

    Awesome story,thanks Now I want to go back and read some Jack O'Conner
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    Wall tent or Tipi with Liners????

    Take a look at the SeekOutside court House
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    Packraft gear

    Please keep us posted on your adventure.Ive been concidering the same raft.Regarding footwear.Depending on the outside temperature it may be worth looking at muckluck s