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    Hunting Land Frustration

    You sound like you’re whining. You have a 130 acres to yourself. It backs up to a one square mile sanctuary. So what if it gets hunted once a year? Those kids are going to have a great time. I guarantee you they won’t kill every buck. Plenty will live. And others will take their place.
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    40 Mile Price Increases for 2023

    Oh goodie, maybe everyone will quit hunting with them and I will finally move up the waitlist….
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    What's your top 3 for a good ol whitetail sit?

    Coffee, Mr Buddy Heater and my Kindle so I can read/listen to podcasts/watch movies. I’ve done many, many all day sits just this way. In fact did just that last Saturday. Saw nearly 20 deer. Nothing I wanted to shoot. Still a great relaxing day. Finished two books while hunting.
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    I guess we need a 2022 fitness goal thread!

    Met my 2022 fitness goal of competing in and completing my first marathon!! It wasn’t pretty and definitely no records were set but I survived!! 2023 goals already set. Will run my 2nd marathon April/May and then half IM by late 2023.
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    First time marathon

    I ran my first marathon October 2022. Started training in June. Peaked out at 21 miles in training. First off if you have a plan then STICK WITH IT DURING THE RACE!! During my long training runs (anything over half marathon distance) I would run for 15 min, then walk for one minute and...
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    .270 on whitetail - short range

    The cheap blue box federal 130 grain soft points. I’ve shot a dump truck load of deer with my 270. I’ve shot them from 5-350 yds. Never had any issues. If I were hunting 300lb Canadian bucks I may choose a slightly stouter bullet but for 150-175lb southern whitetails, this is all I need.
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    Gels when running

    The wall is legit. Did 16 miles on Saturday. 0-13 felt great. Last 3 miles was nothing more than a shuffle!! Finished off at a 10:23/mile pace. At mile 13 I was just under 10 min/mile. 67 days from my first marathon. Still feeling good but that 16 miler was a gut check. Ran a 10k this...
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    What’s the worst kind of steep?

    Steep and deadfall sucks. But climbing from zero to 1500-2000 feet through the hell of devils club, alder and wet grass on Kodiak was the worst steep I have ever experienced.
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    2022 East coast guys heading west

    I’ve done straight through (26-27 hours) twice and hated it. Feel like a soggy sh!t sandwich for at least a day after. Now I drive 18 hours the first day 7-8hrs 2nd day. Feel much better and more rested and makes the hunt more enjoyable.
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    Gels when running

    Looks like you doing well. I had the same issue. Wanting to run fast and couldn’t get it in my head that I needed to slow down. I was trying to maintain 5k pace for 10+ miles. That was just resulting in frustration. I slowed my pace down to about where you are (10-10:15 min/mile) for any...
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    dream elk hunt

    Once in a lifetime elk hunt? That’s easy. Gila elk tag. Pony up the $15-20k for the landowner tag and another 7-9k for an outfitter.
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    Used Travel Trailers??

    Everyone says travel trailers/5th wheels suck and are poorly built. I’ve owned 3. 2 new and one used, plus a pop up. Never had a single issue out of any of them. I camp10-12x per year and tow my 5th wheel a total of about 5k miles a year. So I use it pretty often. Only issue I have...
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    Whitetail on the brain

    No doubt elk hunting is fun. But I do love me some whitetail hunting. This will be my 23rd season chasing them. I’ve killed somewhere around 70-75 deer. Hasn’t gotten old yet. I was taking a jog around the golf course early this morning and ran up on two nice bucks. Got my heart really...
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    Elk hunting the Bob Marshall wilderness

    I hope he goes into the Bob and shoots a 400” bull. But, I think people are just trying to be real with him. 15 miles into the Bob without a string of pack horses is a recipe for disaster.
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    Elk hunting the Bob Marshall wilderness

    You plan on hiking 10-15 miles into a place that you have never been to and expect to find and kill elk? First of all, I will bet my next paycheck you WILL NOT hike 10-15 miles into the Bob. Secondly, if you somehow do make it that far and get lucky enough to kill an elk, there is no way you...