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    In case ya missed it...Deep state edition...

    You are entitled to your own facts.
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    Bear Paw Wilderness Designs

    He made me a 1.5 bug nest. Good quality, I would use him again if needed.
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    Hot weather camping solutions?

    Tarp for shade and a bug nest.
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    Our leader is flawless
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    AAE Pro Drop Question

    The rest at full draw looks correct. Once the rest rises it shouldn't bounce. Maybe the bounce you are experiencing is coming from the arrow collar hitting the rest?
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    AAE Pro Drop Question

    I have a pro-drop on two bows and have not had any of the issues you describe. When the rest is in the up position is should be at a 30 degree angle or so at least. Also, I've have never had any issues with bounce when drawing. Do you have your rest set up to be limb driven? The rest is...
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    Question for any Shelter in Place Legal

    Hey comrade. You do know your "news" comes from Russia! RT, Russian Times, I'm quite sure it's 100% real and not biased in any fashion. I mean why would Russia want to spread dis-information.
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    Diy solar

    I'll second this. Micro inverters really simplify the whole process.
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    Government Checks

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    New from Oregon

    Welcome to the ROK Tmac.
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    What if something that was 'actually' real bad happened?

    This thread is an example of the "hysteria".
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    Lightweight tent

    I have both the Tiger Wall and a tarp Tent. Both are good tents. I had a Fly Creek. What I really didn't like about it was the front entry. I doesn't have much of a vestibule either.
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    FNG from Oregon.

    Welcome to the Rok