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    New guy from TN

    Montana, Wyoming And Colorado so far. Better is all in perspective I guess. For me it is more challenging and rewarding and something different than hanging off the side of a tree.
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    New guy from TN

    I’m up on the Cumberland plateau. Raging metropolis of Jamestown!
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    All day sits. Who does it?

    I usually play it out and see what I’m seeing and how the wind plays out. If everything feels good I can hang all day.
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    How many days do you spend scouting a given area to hunt?

    Like most, I can figure out where I need to be from aerials and topos. This is mostly for rut and pre rut activity. Game cams and observation from afar are my tactics for early and post rut.
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    Wildest part of your state or province

    Tennessee-not much what I call wilderness. Maybe Cherokee NF or Big South Fork.
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    Raise your hand if you did not get an elk this season

    ✋ worked hard, got close, learned a ton and had a blast doing it.
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    Favorite post morning workout meals

    Overnight oats and eggs. Basically eat the same thing every morning. Kind of gets old but gets the job done.
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    What made you Happy today?

    Early morning jog with a beautiful sunrise
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    Groomsmen gift ideas

    New rifles are always appreciated!
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    New guy from TN

    Hey guys! Long time reader of the forum, finally decided to take the dive. Cut my teeth on WT and turkeys in TN. Been on several western adventures and was fortunate enough to take a few decent Muleys and pronghorn, but have struck out on elk. Looking forward to learning everything I can here.