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    Best midsize Pickup?

    I’ll put in a Gladiator for consideration. 2021 eco diesel with the Rubi package. Drive Qualty is excellent, mileage excellent. Main complaints are wheel base is too long so it belly drags on difficult obstacles. The armor Is holding up but it’s getting a 3” lift and 37s after the factory 33s...
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    Boning out vs not

    Only ever on the bone. I hang and age my quarters.
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    Water Purification System

    I’ve ran the platypus gravity for over a decade. Good system. At high elevation and later hunts you have to sleep with it but that’s every system I’m familiar with, I would never trust a filter after a freeze cycle. Small size including hoses and I’m used to so much crap in my bag what’s one...
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    Switching knives havalon to fixed??

    Only fixed for me with a folder backup and a tiny Arkansas stone for touch-up. I tune my knives before each hunt and don’t do anything stupid like batoning. Carried allot of fixed but my current favorite is a white river backpacker. Just the skeletonized version. I unwrap the paracord and tie...
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    My Formerly Anti-Hunting Buddy Wants to Hunt

    I’m an “Adult onset hunter”, I think a great many of you need to strongly consider your prejudices and judgement. I started hunting at 35, that was 13 years ago. I didn’t have the privilege to grow up with parents that hunted. They were both successfully trying to escape the poverty they grew...
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    Good Gas Mileage Hunting Vehicle

    yeah we’re talking a much smaller platform: 3L vs 5.7L. This is the benefit of a small platform truck but it doesn’t have the payload or tow capacity of a Ram. It does fit on our tight Colorado trails well however.
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    Good Gas Mileage Hunting Vehicle

    Really not terribly helpful from a todays cost perspective ($5 plus per gallon) but my Gladiator Diesel with steel bumpers, winch and GFC stays in the 25-26 range going up and down the mountains of Colorado. Straight up highway driving is closer to 20 since that tends to be 85mph and it’s a...
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    Certainly worth a gander.....but don't delete it just because you don't believe it.

    “It won’t be the water, but the fire next time.” Sowing on the Mountain Woody Guthrie
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    $1500 KUIU GIVEAWAY 🔥

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    Survey -

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    Morel Experts, never seen these before.

    @dylanphelps and @def90 are right about the cap separation. Looks like a morel but not a yellow or in the classic Morchella family. It’s a part of the Verpa family or thimble mushrooms. Some Verpa are edible but not anywhere near as good as Morchella and… some will give you bellyache’s. Sadly...
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    Morel Experts, never seen these before.

    Everything in your photos says Verpa. Where did you find them? Under trees, stream adjacent, then you’re looking good. Fibers are inside the stem cavity or connecting stem to cap (veil or annulus)? — Edited to avoid future confusion —
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    Sous Vide venison barbacoa

    Nice work! Looks like you got a good pickle on those onions too 👍
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    Blaser Plastic K95… if you really want that!