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    What bullets are you shooting this season?

    124 gr hammer hunters in my 6.5x55 swede @ 2850fps 137 gr hammer hunters in my 30-06 @ 3150fps Real happy with these bullets.
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    Warmest puffy

    Didn’t they just release it this week? Have you already bought and tested it? “temp ratings” don’t mean anything. For most companies they are survival ratings (keep you alive for x hours) but in all circumstances should be taken with a grain of salt. That Kuiu coat is box baffled, just like...
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    Make sure you show respect this fall

    Well this was bugging me so I started searching, what I remember was the freezing effecting the microbes which are working to break down some of those proteins. I couldn’t find that article, but I did find something interesting and more recent studying this in Brazilian beef. In the end they...
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    Make sure you show respect this fall

    So how clean your meat is has a massive impact on whether or not you can dry age successfully. Dry aging breeds mold. When meat is managed well and hung clean the is mold is a great natural part of the process. Impurities and surface contaminates breed bacteria and other non-healthy molds that...
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    Make sure you show respect this fall

    With you 1000% on the meat care, it’s like religion in our house. 4 days is better than you’ll get at a processor but we hang most quarters on the bone for 3-7 weeks depending on the critter.
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    Trekking poles….I don’t get it

    As with 85% of the rest here, they are a part of my kit but slightly different use. Packing in spike camp 55-60lbs they come with. Then they are both deployed as the center pole on my Cimarron at spike. I never take them actively hunting. I do use them packing out meat the second trip. In...
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    Suggest me a nice wood stock rifle

    I own a kimber classic in 308 I enjoy it for a bolt gun but my favorite wood stocked rifle is a single shot Blaser K95. This is the 30-06 barrel but I also have a 6.5x55. Super fun to shoot, accurate, break down in 5 sec with no tools to a 20” package. This is my CO elk rifle this year for R1
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    Recommend Durable/Quality Merino Wool Shirts.

    Icebreaker can’t be beat for quality. All wool is more delicate than blends but blends just don’t have the performance of wool day, after day, after day on backcountry hunts. My new icebreaker is as good as the shirts I bought 10 years ago in terms of quality.
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    Charged by a moo cow

    Average deaths per year in the US: Wolves: 0 Bears: 4 Cows: 22 Lightning: 39 Automobiles: 38,000 Stats aside I give bovines a wide berth! 😂
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    Anything good for hunting by The North Face?

    Apologies for the late reply MZL season in CO! unfortunately I don’t have experience with the new boot assortment. Ive used a similar future light trail runner but I wouldn’t recommend TNF boots for off trail work: hunting. They are just too light and not supportive enough to get the job done...
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    Shelter for 2 with Gear

    +1 on Cimarron for 2 plus gear. Perfect size.
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    308win and 137 hammer hunters

    Can you post a link in the 137 performance thread? I missed it and a search on hammer time is only yielding devastating wound channels. Thanks!
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    308win and 137 hammer hunters

    I run the 137s in a 308. My kimber is too slow a twist (1-12) for heavier hammers. You could run them in your 1-10 fine but I love these 137s. My loads with Tac have been ok just over MOA and hitting pressure signs at 48gr at 3084fps. Never loaded up anything from my ladder for further...
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    Best reloading book for beginners

    Metallic Cartridge Handloading from Mic McPherson. Learned a boatload from this when I started.
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    What caliber

    +1 zero chance for bear in good speed goat territory. My cat interactions have not been in antelope territory but instead steep canyons. Cats are still more likely bears and they aren’t hard to scare off with a stone much less a 243.