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    SAAMI has approved specs for a 7PRC

    The 7mm market is filled right now 28 nosler 280 ai and 7 saum /wsm and 7mm08 the little bro. Dunno where they are going to go with this lol
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    SAAMI has approved specs for a 7PRC

    Exactly the 7 Saum and 7 wsm fill that gap
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    SAAMI has approved specs for a 7PRC

    It will have to offer something not already on the market , I’m guessing it’ll be designed around the 180 eldm and 175 eldx . I’ve always liked the 7 LRM , it seems to modernize the idea behind the 7 RM kind of like the 300 PRC does for the 300 WM . I’m curious to see how it will compare to the...
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    Left hand Savage 110 ultralight in 280 ai

    Not to be funny but I’m looking for a unicorn also … truthfully I have a friend that Is looking for a left handed 6.5 CM ultralight. Seems like there are not very many out there yet from what I’ve seen. Myself I’m looking for a savage lightweight storm and dang they are also about impossible to...
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    Savage 110 Ultralight, Semi-Custom Tikka, Something else?

    I’m going to second this. The savage LWS has a listed weight of under 6 lbs in a 20” steel barrel. Obviously as stated it’s too thin to thread. The ultralight barrels are too long although nice weight. If 1200 is your goal, I would buy either a savage ultralight in the caliber you desire OR a...
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    6.5 Creedmoor/260 for Deer, Elk, and whatever else.....

    Bottom boooolet is a 143 gr eldx from a .260- killed the Mule deer in the picture at 230 yards. Nice looking mushroom. I’ve killed others with Barnes 127 LRX and another small mule deer with the 143 eldx. The top bullet Is a 230 gr eldx from a 338 wsm, just a comparison for velocity sake, the...
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    I was thinking on the lines of wind and long shots , I know I’ve seen the mountain project guys shoot a 28 nosler at them but that seems a little excessive. Ultralights are difficult to shoot at longer ranges obviously but I didn’t know how much hiking a guy would be doing getting to different...
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    Great info guys thanks ? Talk me some calibers, using a light gun for ease of hiking ? Heavy gun for longer shots ? Just curious
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    Ever heard of any theft issues such as trashing trucks or breaking out truck windows ? Any recommendations on how to deal with the border crossers ?
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    I own a SXS and was also very curious about that. It seems like I’m NM the access roads are limited ave there are not many areas to even get a SXS but I’ll remember that for AZ. What yardages did all you guys kill your bucks ? And what time of day was it ? I know they get up and move around all...
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    Have you done well in other units in NM? Is the 5000 ft mark a good elevation band for coues typically? Or 5000 and up the mountain? I’m assuming they will stay where the habitat is best and they have a small range like other whitetail, is there certain vegetation features they seem to prefer ?
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    Coues Deer Hunting - AND NM unit 27?

    Looking to apply for my first coues hunt in NM this year. Might expand to AZ later on and have considered doing MX maybe after getting some experience in my home state (NM). I'm looking for general Coues hunting information, It is completely different country than I have ever hunted before and...
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    7mm-08 copper bullet

    Following, going to be doing a 7-08 soon. Let us know what ends up working for you!
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    WTS 1963 Sako L579 Forester Mannlicher 308

    I own one of these from 1968. My grandfather bought it brand new in Santa Fe NM, his first ever hunting rifle. I have shot it a handful of times and it is an incredible gun, built masterfully. Good luck with your sell, hope it finds a very good home.
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    WTS 280 AI 1:8 savage small shank barrel

    Xcaliber- Savage small shank 26” , 11 degree crown , 1:8 , .750 od at muzz . 280 ai saami , 150 rounds through it. Buddy went carbon fiber on his build . Great condition. Asking $280 shipped