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    Been looking into canning venison this year and am picking up a pressure canner from my mom this weekend. Just wondering if everyone prefers the hot pack or cold pack method? When you do the cold pack method, does it cook the meat while it is being pressure canned?
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    OTC Cow Elk tags, what r my options?

    GMU's 44/45 are either sex and can be drawn with zero points. A few years ago it was about 50/50 chance for a non-resident. This area has pretty good success considering the terrain GMU's 21/30 are either bull only or cow only and can be drawn with zero points. A few years ago these bull tags...
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    OTC Cow Elk tags, what r my options?

    It is possible for sure. There are units on western slope that are either sex 1st rifle guaranteed draw. There are even muzzleloader bull tags that can be drawn without points because I drew one a few years ago on 2nd choice which was almost unbelievable. There are also units that are a 50%...
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    OTC Cow Elk tags, what r my options?

    1st rifle season in Colorado are by draw and usually either sex tag. There are several tags that can be drawn with zero points either 1st or 2nd choice. It is 5 day season early October with no overlapping mule deer season so only limited number of elk hunters in the woods. CDOW website is...
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    Better arrow?

    I am also interested in the DCA outsert and small diameter arrow. I couldnt get the picture to work, but that may just be me. Also, if it is designed to break upon impact then how does it perform with a broadhead hitting animal hide, tissue, and/or bone? Not trying to be critical of your...
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    Arrow Straightness

    I will worry about arrow straightness when I know my anchor, form, aim, and release is within .001 of an inch of consistency each time...
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    Duffel bag airline rated

    I haven't tried it yet, but for air travel for hunts I am thinking about stuffing my pack into a 100 quart cooler. That way I can fly it out as one package and then have a cooler to fly meat home when I return from the hunt. Anyone else tried anything like this?
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    Weapons Soap Box Thread

    I only hunt with spears and poison blow darts. This is a personal decision I made a few years ago after hunting with my bare hands proved to be too challenging.
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    shooting too far left

    You could have form issue as a result of incorrect draw length that would cause you to shoot too far left. I saw a couple threads on archerytalk about this and tried to do a quick search for you but I couldn't find the exact thread. Basically some guys had same problem shooting too far to one...
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    Should I hunt Mule Deer and Elk at the same time

    Also, if you tagged out early with your elk, you would have a reason to keep hunting the rest of the week with the mule deer tag in your pocket
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    Affordable Base Layers?

    If you don't care about color or camo you can get some pretty good deals. I got a first lite chama quarter zip in lost camo for 50% off from 1st lites website. Also, have got a couple merino tops from Golite in solid colors which I really like. Go lite had a sale a few weeks ago and these...
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    OK now help requested on my full load out? Elk Pack for September CO

    You can use the neck gator you have as your pillow case. You can get rid of the "write in the rain" notepad and use the notepad app on your iphone. Also, can write notes on your maps.
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    Question on Scopes with Mill Dots- LRD reticles

    The distance between mil's will change with magnification. You can use this to your benifit for both hold-over and rangfinding. I used to hunt with a guy that was a USMC sniper and was into longrange hunting. He would laminate a spreadsheet to the side of his rifle stock that would give him...
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    Stone Glacier and Kifaru

    I know it isn't a competition, I was joking because how all the timberline packs went up for sale after the bikini was introduced. I know different features appeal to different people.
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    Stone Glacier and Kifaru

    If Stone Glacier beats Kifaru in this review does that mean there will be a bunch of lightly used bikini/highcamp packs show up in the classified section? Either way, I am looking forward to this review since I am in the market for a new pack myself. They both seem like very nice packs