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    Would a side arm be necessary? Also what caliber?

    I have hunted NW CO since 1980 and have never carried a sidearm while elk hunting. If you are afraid of bears, wolves and Mt Lions in that area you need to take up bowling.
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    Best state to kill a BIG whitetail - GO!

    Well Ill be on my first Iowa deer hunt this November so I hope you guys are right
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    First hunt coming up, need pants.

    Thanks for the info on the Rouge. I have been looking for a Marlot that I could wear in warm weather.
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    First hunt coming up, need pants.

    I think they shed water better, stretch better, more streamline fit and also seem to cut the wind better.
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    Favorite outer layer for wind during mid season ?

    Sitka Jetsteam
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    First hunt coming up, need pants.

    Marmot Scree are also a good option. I have Prana Zions also but love the scree fit and movement better
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    Rab Valiance

    I have had a RAB puffy for about 5 years now. Great piece and has head up well
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    Sitka claim to fame?

    We did just as as comfortable
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    WTS Cabela’s Microtec Fleece pants/shirt

    I have a pair of Cabelas Microtec fleece pants size 38 and Shirt size Large tall for sell. These are the original style in perfect shape. Really have had little wear. No tears rips or burn marks. TYD $55
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    Kuiu Mid-Layer Reco

    Good post going. Trying to add a mid layer for next year. I’m good on my base. Now to decide between kuiu and Sitka
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    Wearing 2 baselayers which under?

    Thanks for sharing that podcast. I have not seen it before. Now you have me thinning some of my base layers Uhg
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    KUIU pants review and comparison of models

    The Ascent will not really work for that. They are for more active wear in cooler not cold weather. And a nice outer layer in warm weather. Worked well for me in SEP elk hunts. I have the 90% jacket and pants that work for me in colder weather.
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    KUIU pants review and comparison of models

    Ascent is very quiet. I also have the pants. It does a decent job of blocking the wind. I like the ascent stuff cause I can put a base layer on and be warm on the early season 35 degree mornings then shed the base layer and be good to 80. I have worn it on Wy, CO and UT elk hunts with...
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    New hunter...decided not to buy camo patterns.

    I hope not to ever. uy another piece of Camo. Love solids just wish c companies would sell more.
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    KUIU pants review and comparison of models

    I have been very happy with the Ascent Jacket.