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    Camo or Solids? That is the question.

    I always look for solids. In a tree stand give me solid grey anytime
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    Ground meat questions.

    Grind all at once and mix with pork butt
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    What flashlight do you bring along on day hunts?

    Black Diamond Spot Headlamp and a small flashlight in the pack for tracking. Always have both.
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    Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves that work

    Costco had HH running gloves and work great at $13.00
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    Merino Tees

    The Minus 33 came in yesterday and the quality is very nice and as good as others I have owned. I bought one light weight and one midweight. Wore the Mid today while on a hike then around town. Very comfortable, no itch and no noticeable odor issues. Hopefully after several wears and washing...
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    Boxes per moose shipping

    It’s does make sense and is no problem. Have been doing it with elk since the 80s
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    Newfoundland Flights

    One thing to add is make sure you have a trigger lock. Canadian do require it. Going up they asked for it coming back no. Go figure
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    Newfoundland Flights

    Lot of hassle both ways for me this year. I would not book a flight unless I had at least 4 hour layover both ways. We missed our connecting flight on the way up and just made it on my return. I had no issues with US customs in Toranto. Can’t say the same for Canadian
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    Love my Silent Predator Jacket and Vest. Just wish I had purchased the pants. Price is double what they were when I bought the other pieces.
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    Merino Tees

    Well I just ordered a couple from Minus 33. I have been happy with there bottoms.
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    Merino Tees

    I have been wearing Ibex Merino Tees as my base layer for years but they are all about done. Need another brand. What are you wearing these days.
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    Bucket list hunt

    I have always had a list which means lots of hunts. It had deer bear, elk antelope, caribou ect. You get the drift. Well this year I crossed off the last animal on my list a moose.
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    Cell Phone VS GPS

    I carry both and will continue to go that route.
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    Sitka stratus vs. First Lite Solitude

    Let us know how it works out for you. To be told Im still wearing a pair of old Rivers west pants that I have had for maybe 20 years.
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    Best backpacking belt

    Check out Hill People Gear belt. None better.