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    Quilt Q's

    used one all last fall, I am pretty sure I am done with bags. For me the biggest benefit was that I am not all twisted up in a quilt. I can move around without drawing the quilt with me.
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    New Mexico draw???

    380 is tall task even in the gila. 12 and 13 will have elk more spread out and little bit harder access. Been through those units a couple time. The 16s are good as you will find anywhere that said even there 380 plus......not easy. Better allocate the whole two weeks. And bring some bread for a...
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    New Mexico draw???

    Date. 3/20 Early or late ....flip a coin . Late is more popular. You have two weeks, things can change in a day. Guide = guide pool 10% of the tags. No guide = 6% of the tags Yea you can hire a guide after the draw. However in some cases the guide draw has way better odds, so you giving up %...
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    Border Wall and Wildlife

    From an ecologicly standpoint the wall is a terrible idea. I agree.
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    BHA Supporting Legislation Outlawing the Sale of Information on Big Game Locations

    This has been a good couple weeks. Hopefully the Montana bill moves foward. We been lobbying for s47 Extensively and that had been successful. We need to keep momentum in the house as well. I know one staffer for my Senator remarked to me that our show off support for S 47 was "huge", and that...
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    Senate passes LCWF reauthorization 92-8

    Now we need to get it through the house and on the presidents desk. No surprises for most of those no votes. If Lee or Cruz is on board for anything to do with land, water or conservation then its probably a bad decision.
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    Ryan Callaghan moves to Meateater

    He been doing well keeping info flowing on some legislative issues, for example SB 47.
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    New hunting partner 2031

    Excellent, congratulations
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    Great Looking New Pad

    I am holding off on all new pads this year till everyone is on board with standardized ratings.
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    Sitka Apex Pants - Post Season Thoughts???

    Cool, yes ...cold no. They are slightly lighter and less warm then the mountain pants. hoping they come out with a solid color as i most likely won’t keep the sub alpine that have. I honestly like the grinders better then the apex and mountain pants.
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    I make sausage every year from Snowshoes that we run. I bone it all out then mince it with a cleaver. I mix a pound to 4oz of bacon and 2oz of pork fat back. Salt, pepper, fresh parsley, and hard parmesan Romano cheese. I then stuff in sheep casings to make a pin wheel.
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    Ferry to Newfoundland

    People will be lined up from 4 hours to 4 minutes before departure time. Figure on a couple hours. Leave plenty of time for your boarder crossing. That can be a time suck. A two person cabin is 145 Ca. I booked both ferry's. Total for one truck and the two of us was 525 American for both...
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    Ferry to Newfoundland

    Yes and no. Cabins and reservation seating gets booked up quick. Otherwise not really. I wouldnt wait of you looking for cabin. I will be bowhunting as well, great place to bow hunt!
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    Ferry to Newfoundland

    For sure. Except for taking my father with me on my last NF hunt I think all but on trip to the rock has been alone. It s great trip and more guys from the Northeast should make it happen for them. You will see plenty of trucks with hunters on the ferry line, trailers and freezers. PA seems to...
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    Ferry to Newfoundland

    Takes me about about 17 hours with stops to go from just a bit south of Albany to the ferry. I leave at mid night so I have some extra time for the boader crossing ect. We leave from neat deer lake , so about 3 hours drive from ferry. It's an adventure for sure