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    Any issues with kifaru pack as carry on for airplane flights?

    I just used a 14R and Sherman pocket for like 5 flights over the last two issue at all.
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    Favorite OTC Hunt

    I have an area that I can get an archery mule deer tag, it's a good hunt right up till the states gun season. It's a fall back for me and have hunted the tag 4 times. If I find myself short on hunts I pull the tag and go...
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    Kifaru knife

    I looked up the "cub" I am not familiar with Knives of Alaska. However assuming they know how to treat D2, I dont think your missing anything. Meaning that spec wise, materials and weighy... it's a wash. Unless you want another knife...well then that's reason enough.
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    Kifaru knife

    The good. Lots of value. Quaility, material and fit and finish is on par with other custom knife makers, its priced very fair for what it is( I own about 200 customs so I have a handle on what they run). It is very lite weight* for comparison it's about half the weight of an EESE azula. Krydex...
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    WTS Exped Synmat 7 new

    thank you
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    WTS Exped Synmat 7 new

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    Shim Processes

    It's very rare that I have to re shim a bow. So it's a one time job for me. With that in mind I take the bow all the way down. By doing so it makes pulling the axels shining and replacing everything way easier.
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    WTS Exped Synmat 7 new

    Up...85 tyd, this is new, unused
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    Tipi center pole

    I cant see spending premium money on a premium shelter then cutting corners on a pole to save 30 bucks. The cost of carbon pole vs Aluminum pole is the cheapest weight savings your going to get.
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    WTS Blazer and AAE promax hunter vanes

    Sorry, they been sold.
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    Request for my dear Wife

    Condolences to you and your family
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    Tipi center pole

    I think if you ordering from SO, might as well save the shipping and order everything at once.
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    WTS Blazer and AAE promax hunter vanes

    For sale Blazer vanes ..about 75 total . 11$tyd AAE pro max Hunters..about 80 total ..12 tyd
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    Unit 24 NM - Archery Jan Hunt

    I hunted 21 and 24 a bit, you might( will ) run into some access issues in the south of it but to the north your all set.
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    I know it's not a sheep but I drew NM IBEX!

    Congrats Tony