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    G Code Incog IWB Glock Holster

    Left handed I thought I would put it up here before selling it on eBay. This is a used Glock 27 Incog inside the waistband holster for a LEFT handed draw. Belt clips are adjustable one has 4 holes and the other 3 holes of adjustment. Can be worn appendix or 5 o’clock position. I have used it...
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    Garmin Rino 650 with Northwest (WA, OR, ID) onXmaps SD card

    Sold the whole package for 335 on eBay will delete post soon when at computer
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    Garmin Rino 650 with Northwest (WA, OR, ID) onXmaps SD card

    Pm sent to Adam634 about the SD card.
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    Garmin Rino 650 with Northwest (WA, OR, ID) onXmaps SD card

    PM replied still for sale only interested in a trade for a Garmin Fenix 3 HR
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    Big Agnes Insulated Air Core ULTRA Regular

    Brand new still in box, never used or opened. Bought it but decided to go a different route. $70.00 TYD From their website: Like the Air Core Ultra, the Insulated Air Core Ultra has been redesigned to offer unparalleled comfort at an incredible price. Featuring a smooth sleeping...
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    Garmin Rino 650 with Northwest (WA, OR, ID) onXmaps SD card

    Garmin Rino 650 - Just updated through Garmin Basecamp and ready to go. Includes home charger, car charger, factory rechargeable batter pack, 4xAA battery pack, carabiner clip, belt clip, and updatable onXmaps Northwest version 12 microsd chip. I also have a couple other trail maps loaded on the...
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    Rokslide Podcast

    It's stuff like that that makes the podcast good. It's like sitting around BSing and not just listening to a lecture. Stay healthy Aron and keep eating when you feel like it. Being real matters but I don't think anyone has to tell you this.
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    WTB Bino Bro Pro

    No problem
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    WTB Bino Bro Pro

    Slick your pm is full.
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    WTB Bino Bro Pro

    What size Bino bro pro do you need. I have a med and a small willing to do the Alaskan gear Bino harness trade.
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    EE Revelation loft

    Each time you remove it from compression and even each night before you use it it is recommended to give it a good shake. Mine is a 20 degree and doesn't seem real thick but it feels like a cloud on top of me and has kept me warm so far. I normally don't shake mine each night unless there is a...
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    New "MOUNTAIN WARRIOR" pack from Kifaru

    Cool thanks I will try that. I had it attached to the actual handle there but never routed it like that. Thanks for the tip.
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    New "MOUNTAIN WARRIOR" pack from Kifaru

    Ran my MW on my new Duplex for the last 10 days in the BG. Although I didn't get blood on it it was a great setup. My one and only complaint if even really a complaint is the top strap. When I compress it down to daypack mode I would like to get that top strap tighter. It bottoms out. I have...
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    New Shelter system, Jimmy Tarps

    Yes stove jack will be an option. I saw the prototype and it is pretty slick. Gobbler (Jimmy) has been testing it for the last week and I head out with him tomorrow for two weeks in the BC so I will get to see it in the field. I am sure he will have a bunch of pics when he gets back at the end...

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