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    How Long Before You Move On?

    If they're digging into the top of your toes after that amount of mileage, then you have a volume issue. I don't know of a single boot that will break in and increase the volume across the top of the foot, especially if there is a rubber rand involved. The only remedy i can think of would be...
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    On being a flake

    Oh man, I was just talking about this with my wife over the weekend. It's the one issue that absolutely boils my blood. I constantly offer to take people out hunting with me, the trip is planned a few weeks prior to meet up at 0300 to drive out to the east side of the Cascades, I'll call to...
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    Tripod Feature/Properties Suggestions

    I personally think tripod leg "stiffness" comes directly from how many leg segments there are, the angle of the legs, leg thickness, and how good the twist locks are. I currently have a Promaster XC-M 525C, and it's a great little tripod, but fully extended it's pretty garbage IMO. I sold a a...
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    Wenaha rifle big bull tag!

    Congrats on the tag. I'm very envious. I hunt the Wenaha for spike and it's my favorite hunt of the year. Brutally steep, weather is all over the place. Hunt the burns and you'll find some studs. If you need any info, PM me and i'll see if I can help. Ill be down there October 30-November...
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    2021 First Time Backcountry Elk Hunt

    If I were you, i would apply for any tag I can get, and full send it. The learning curve will be A LOT less with a guide, but half of the fun is figuring it out on your own. Flying VS driving comes down to time. How much is your time worth, and does driving afford your more flexibility or...
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    Epic Boot Review. Salewa, Lowa, Meindl, Kennetrek, Saloman, Crispi.

    ***Update*** I sent the Salewa Mtn Trainers into Goretex for a warranty claim due to them leaking like a faucet. The whole experience was painless. I contacted Goretex, explained the situation, and they sent me a warranty claim to fill out and ship the boots back to their testing facility...
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    WTS/WTT Slik CF-834 Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Last bump before I take it down.
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    WTS/WTT Slik CF-834 Carbon Fiber Tripod

    TTT with price drop to $200
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    Stone glacier 5900 vs mystery ranch bear tooth 80

    100 percent grab the small and large hip belt pouches. The large fits a smart phone and 10 rds of ammo in a holder perfectly. The small pouch ia great for snacks, headlamp, and little extras. If you run a bladder, go ahead and get their bladder holder ( i don't use it, but my buddy does and...
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    Stone glacier 5900 vs mystery ranch bear tooth 80

    I attach it to my hip belt by running the two straps through the loop on the holder. I ended up buying a cheapy Outdoor Research pouch that has a velcro loop, and it works out great.
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    WTS/WTT Slik CF-834 Carbon Fiber Tripod

    WTS/WTT Like new Slik CF-834 Carbon Fiber tripod. Willing to trade for a Promaster XC-M 525 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Willing to sell $200 TYD Paypal Goods & Services. This tripod iss in excellent condition without a blemish.
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    Stone glacier 5900 vs mystery ranch bear tooth 80

    I've owned both and I'll try my best to give you honest feedback. SG Sky Talus 5900 Pros: Simple layout. Xcurve frame fits my body really well. Compresses very well Plenty of places to strap stuff to the bag. X Fabric on bag between frame and bag so blood doesn't soak through Very light Carries...
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    What was he charged with? What sentence was he given? What fine was he required to pay? The guy isn't some law breaking, poaching, land destroying scumbag.
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    LMAO. I'm a big fan of the free F bombs. lol. I'm not saying they go about making money the same way. Brian absolutely plugs for his sponsors, BUT to think that Rokslide isn't making money by putting out those videos and content would be a stretch in my opinion. Yes it's a free...