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    Thermal for the working man

    for true budget the Pulsar Core will get things done
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    Georgia Swamp Bucks

    I will send you a PM, I have some experience hunting there
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    I use Onx, not only to hunt multiple states per year (most va,wv, and ga) but i use it more to scout etc. Internet is pretty much a must for most anyone anymore, especially if u live in an area which has no cell service such as me I am also a Amazon Prime member, the free shipping pays for...
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    Georgia Swamp Bucks

    you moving there or just going to hunt?
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    What state for public land dyh

    If you dead set on OTC, Nebraska would be closest to you i guess
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    Hunting is dying out... apparently

    You guys saying there are no public land opportunities in the east are full of crap, that's about the easiest I can put it
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    Antler shed in VA?

    pretty much like someone already stated, start a little in decemeber and fluctuate from there
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    Antler shed in VA?

    Jason Nicely whats up!! recognize you from the facebook group
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    Iowa fng

    welcome to rokslide!!
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    New guy from VA

    welcome to rokslide, Highland County VA here myself
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    welcome to rokslide, i grew up in WV, been on one western hunt so far, and hopefully 2nd this year, building points in several states, let me know if u need any help!
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    What’s up!!!

    welcome aboard rokslide!
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    Kryptek Aegis Review, By Jared Bloomgren

    Glad to hear they have made it less noisy, i have contemplated on/off getting aegis line for whitetail stand hunting, now i can start watching for sales lol
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    Mahoney as a Rogan Guest...

    Mahoney from the police academy movies???? he would be an awesome guest on rogan's show!
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    Public land Axis hunt in Texas

    that's cool! congrats