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    Strongfleece 210 vs 260

    I have both. I love my 260 and haven’t had any issue with the hood. It’s very warm and works really well at cutting wind, especially for a fleece layer. If you are familiar with the peloton 240, it’s considerable warmer and blocks more wind than that. It also doesn’t seem to pull/snag as much...
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    What stock

    Agreed. I used the rifle for a year and never really clicked with the original stock. No regrets getting the Mesa, it’s a lot more stock and even comes in at a few ounces under the original. I shoot a bit tighter at 300+ since swapping, just think I can get a more repeatable cheek weld and feels...
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    What stock

    It was in stock when I ordered. 4 weeks isn’t bad, before mine got in stock they had been out for 4-6 months. I have a ridge line in mine. Very little fitting was needed and it has no gaps. You need to Dremel a grove for the bolt release as it sits lower, and I had to shorten my front...
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    What stock

    If you are trying to keep weight down, Mesa Precision is the way to go. Love mine, and got it in 3 days from Red Hawk Rifles.
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    Jumping ship from OnX to Gaia

    Agreed, BaseMap has a lot of potential but it’s not quite there yet. I like using it to scout in 3D mode when it’s working, but that’s about it. Hoping they get picked up more and continue to improve.
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    Kuiu Storm Star tent reviews?

    Any reason you aren’t considering a Hilleberg red? The Nallo 2 is the same size, weighs less, tunnel design is made to handle wind, and they are the standard in 4 season tents. It’s about $200 more but if I was getting dropped (assuming it’s a drop hunt), that $200 would be worth it to me to...
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    Physical preparation of my first sheep hunt.

    A lot of good information here, but do not do sprints, hills or otherwise, with a weighted pack on....
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    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    😂 I’ve tried all the big brands, started out almost exclusively FL, by the end of the first year, I was on first name basis with a guy in a warranty department.... I’m not anti FL, they typically fixed/replaced, but had to send 4-6 pieces back with very little use. I agree, you will have...
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    WTS Compact Schonfeld Carbon Fiber Tripod

    For sale is Schonfeld 5 section carbon tripod. Used a few times but in great shape. Here is description from Blackovis. $125 shipped with tracking and insurance. PayPal Load Capacity: 6lb 10oz Fold Length: 12.59" Max Height: 49.6" Min Height: 8.66" Leg Section: 5 Weight: 1.8 lbs (tripod only)...
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    a question to the really proficient handgunners..

    Definitely doable. There was a time I was shooting 500-1000 rnds every month for a couple of years. Typically shot with a couple of friends on some land set up with silhouettes, dueling trees, gongs, etc. as far out as you could want them. Two of us could do that with regularity. That being...
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    Schnees Discount

    If you aren’t in a hurry, RMEF usually puts one out sometime in the summer/early fall for 20% off
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    thigh rig for bear protection pistol

    I don’t understand this holster. It gives you the drop of an offset/drop holster that doesn’t require a thigh strap but yet has a thigh strap. Any strap is going to create a hot spot if your walk is further than 200 yards to a stand. Look at Gcode RTI system or Safariland QLS. Both you can...