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    Nightforce SHV vs NXS

    I've had a few NXS and a SHV. If money isn't a huge concern, go with the NXS. NXS has better glass, zero stop turrets, more durable, and comes in a few ounces lighter. If money is tight or you never dial, SHV is a great scope, especially for the price range.
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    Schenee bear tooth or Kenetrek Mountain Extreme

    I love my beartooths, have the insulated and non. Schnee’s customer service is top notch as well. I ordered my first pair and when I got them I couldn’t quite tell if I needed a half size down, so they sent me the size down as well, told me to try both and send the others back. They also...
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    Electrolyte Options

    pedialyte powder.... doesn’t taste the best but if you go to the doctor with cramps/dehydration, other than an IV, that is what they will suggest.
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    Stone Glacier -- Good call?

    I have the exact pack on xcurve, great call, a piece a gear you won't have to update again down the line.
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    Stihl Battery chain saw

    I have the 160 and love it. Keep it in my truck during season, great for clearing trails, especially for Spring bear when no one has been down a lot of them. I keep all my hunting stuff in the back of my truck (topper shell) and occasionally sleep back there. It’s really nice when everything...
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    WTB DSLR camera

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    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    😂 Market is definitely inflated but is starting to taper off. There are still great deals to be had if you have a long term outlook and some common sense. Money is cheap right now.
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    Stove for 2 Person Backcountry Shelter (Cimarron)

    Uturn is considerably lighter
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    Zeiss V6 or Nightforce NXS

    I have both and really like both Zeiss V6 3-18 - I’ve had it on my 300 win mag for about a year. It has roughly 200ish rounds at range on it and 3-4 weeks on the mountain. I’ve had zero issues, tracking has been consistent and it is great glass. It has taking a lot of drops/bangs/tumbles...
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    Browning hells canyon speed or long range?

    I had a LR 300 win mag and still have a speed 6.5. Plan was between these, I had all my hunting covered. I don’t have the 300 anymore, would find myself leaving it and taking the 6.5. It shot great, but just to heavy (for my preferences) when you pack in/out and doing 4-6 miles a day. If you...
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    First Lite help

    Agree with everyone here. I was the opposite as you, started all FL base layers and outerwear. Now, I still wear FL base layers but Kuiu everything else. FL outerwear just doesn’t compare, functionally and especially durability wise, at least in my experience. Exception is if you are a whitetail...
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    WTS/WTT SG 5100 pack

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    Zeiss Conquest V6 Riflescope Review, By Tony Trietch

    I have this scope and used it all last season on a sub 7lbs 300 win mag, so recoil is there. It went 200+ rounds and about 28 days on the mountain. A lot of unintentional falls, bangs, and one throw, also riding uncased bouncing around in a truck for a few days. The zero never changed, always...
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    Insole recommendations?

    If you are using gortex lined boots be careful about which super feet insoles you wear. Superfeet even has under their FAQ to not use a lot of their insoles in gortex boots. The hard plastic on the bottom/side of the insoles can wear through the liner (ask me how I know). They have specific...
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    Montana elk

    Several of the answers though are just plain wrong, and all the right ones are on the first 5-10 pages with bullet points in regs 👍 Just asking people if they find themselves with a MT tag this season, try to fit a few more regulations in their brain.