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    What's your arrow setup? 2019/2020

    What weight/type broad head are you pushing with those Hexx? I have a half dozen of the 330 and really like them so far. I want to switch to the brass insert though. Running 100 grain G5v2 or Grim Reaper Carni Fours.
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    Bow (Black or Realtree)

    Black here. I hunt almost exclusively from ground blinds. With these new blinds being blacked out inside,it seemed like a good idea.
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    Arrow & Broadhead Setup for Elk

    I'd be interested in your findings.
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    Camo vs black bows

    My new VXR is black. Limbs and all. I love camo bows. The next one will be. I bought the 28" VXR for blind hunting. Blacked out pop ups in particular. Looking at a Traverse or maybe PSE Evo later this year. It's going to be camo.
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    New Bow - Which One?

    The last time I went shopping I shot a half dozen different brands. It really helps. By all means hit a few quality bow shops. Preferably with someone on hand that knows what the hell he's doing. I shot Hoyt, Mathews, Bow Tech, Bear, Expedition and PSE. I ended up on the Mathews band wagon...
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    Shield cut ?

    Not mine, but a good representation.
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    Shield cut ?

    I've been playing with 90 deg 4 fletch,and blazers clip my cables. So lower profile is the cheese.
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    Stan Xtinction 2!!

    Oh definitely. I'm coming from an early production Tru Ball caliper,rope connected to an old Trufire strap. Real sweet. Killed a chit load of deer with that old girl though.
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    Broadhead choice for this year

    Ill be rolling with the Reaper again. Either Carni four or Hades. The 2" Whitetail did a great job, but pushing my K E a little.
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    Pics of your vane setup

    Boy ill say that's a heavy helical. Bitzenberger?
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    Stan Xtinction 2!!

    This is on my list of releases to try next time I'm at the pro shop. I haven't upgraded my index release in 25 years.
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    Wrist Release that wont break the bank

    How is the weight range on that little goose? Thanks!
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    Shield cut ?

    Shield cut vanes. Who's using them,and what's your favorite?
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    Annihilator Broadheads?

    I was looking at them down at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show. I was amazed how tiny they are.
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    WTS IQ Prohunter 3 pin. SOLD.

    I can text additional pics.