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    Colorado land access

    Not really apples to apples comparison. I hike public land, and maybe hunt and fish, but rancher’s animals are grazing the grass for a business and ranchers sell their cattle/ sheep for a profit. They pay much less than market values to lease public lands, so they are getting a break at our...
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    I want a CVA Accura X, but I am confused....

    Have you shot it yet? There are multiple reports of accuracy issues with CVA X guns. Need to shoot it and see what kind of accuracy you get soon!
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    Best Buy Once, Cry Once Muzzleloader Legal in Every State?

    Why are you saying Montana requires a flintlock. It clearly state that percussion or musket caps are legal
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    New speed loader

    No one else has any thoughts on this? Not cheap but I feel it doesn’t have any real competition for what it can do. I was going to order more of what I have and kept thinking: there has to be something better. With a little off for buying 2 (my Bro needed one too) and an an extra pack of powder...
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    New speed loader
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    New speed loader

    This new speed loader is getting a lot of press on Muzzy sites and I just ordered a set (1 for me and 1 for my brother). Solves the problem of spilling powder in a stiff wind or when you are shaking from buck fever when you just shot a big-un! I even made the mistake of waiting too long to...
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    CCI or Federal 209 primers need in New Mexico

    Just don’t want to use the reduced power 209s. Like 777 primers, ect
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    Difficulty reloading?

    Pyrodex is a good powder and I have used it in the past with good success. That said, it is dirty, and I always run a damp patch followed by a dry patch between each shot. If you do that, your issue will go away. Yes, it is quite a bit more work, but bullets will load easily and your accuracy...
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    CCI or Federal 209 primers need in New Mexico

    I have used Remington STS primers in a knight and an Omega and they always make BH 209 go off High as a cats back though
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    CCI or Federal 209 primers need in New Mexico

    Have to seen this Also, I will be coming thru Albuquerque but not till Sept 3-4
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    BH209 alternative

    Hmm. Maybe user error on the Bh? I use BH in 4 rifles of different names and I can go to the range with any of them and shoot 25+ shots without swabbing once or getting a change in POI. I do clean out the primer pocket after about 20 shots but you can do that by either removing the breech...
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    BH209 alternative

    And that is important because???? Question is: should you ever clean your centerfire rifle with water? Because BH 209 is basically a weak smokeless powder. And my centerfire may not have a removable breech plug but when you remove the bolt you can run a cleaning rod completely thru it just...
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    BH209 alternative

    You shouldn’t clean BH 209 With soapy water. It should be cleaned with an oil based cleaner like Hoppes That said, 777 is just as easy to clean. The real advantage of BH 109 is that I can go to the range and shoot 25-30 shots without Swabbing once.
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    Recovering game in thick cover… think this would help?

    Mixed bag. I got one of those (that brand) as a present. Scenario #1. Down animal in sparse cover but tall grass. Very helpful. We would have found him but not as quickly. Scenario #2. Bow hit deer in thick cedar. Basically useless. The cedar trees retained heat from the sun and made seeing...
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    Colorado Overcrowding Elk Hunting

    But many residents want to make NRs out to be the scapegoat. When actually residents, who were always in favor of raising NR pricing (and not resident pricing) is why we are in this mess. You allowed the CPW to become bloated with NR revenue. When have you ever know a government agency to give...