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    Which rifle should I take on my Alaskan moose hunt in September?

    So you asked a bunch of guys on the internet for advice on which rifle to use and included cartridge and bullet selection. But you’ve stated you don’t want advice on cartridge or bullet selection and nothing will change your mind. You also said you don’t give much weight to the opinion of a...
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    Which rifle should I take on my Alaskan moose hunt in September?

    Is there anything that would convince you take a larger caliber or a magnum?
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    Which rifle should I take on my Alaskan moose hunt in September?

    @PredatorSlayer out of curiosity what kind of responses did you expect when asking your original question?
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    Which rifle should I take on my Alaskan moose hunt in September?

    Have you thought about the effectiveness of your chosen cartridge and bullet if you make a bad shot? We all know you can kill a moose with a stick bow if you shoot it in the lungs/heart. Likewise you can most certainly kill elk and moose with a 6.5 PRC by shooting them in the lungs/heart. But...
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    Go to sleeping pad?

    @Jason277 are you backpacking or truck camping? Both were already mentioned but nemo tensor for backpacking (light, quiet, comfortable for the weight), and the exped megamat for truck camping (insanely comfortable, durable, but huge and heavy).
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    Finding elk rutting areas?

    Thanks all! I was able to find what I believe is a rut zone today. It was a bench next to a creek, with a wallow. There were several dozen rubs and about ten cows bedded on the bench.
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    One area or jump from spot to spot

    Learning a unit by hunting it several years is best. But within that unit you need to have 3-5 separate areas to hunt. In the last two seasons I’ve had one area shutdown by forest fires and another by a logging operation that was behind schedule. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
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    What caliber should my next elk rifle be?

    Where are those guys who were claiming a 223 was the best cartridge for elk a few years ago?
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    Finding elk rutting areas?

    Thanks @11boo @Dos Perros @prm for confirming. Ive found these clusters of rubs before and they “jump out” at you
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    Finding elk rutting areas?

    I’m starting my summer scouting in a couple weeks. I’ve heard/read various people, articles, podcasts state elk will often use the same rutting areas year after year. The suggestions were to look for large benches, flat meadows or mesas. This is a start but doesn’t help identify which specific...
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    300WM Barnes TTSX 150g or 180g?

    I really think it was due to the high velocity. I’ve heard/read dozens of reviews where they performed well especially at longer ranges or with a bit slower cartridges. That said, I think they’d be an amazing bullet with your 300 RUM for anything smaller than an elk. If you use them, I’d love...
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    For Those With Shooting Tripods

    I experimented with it more last year. If I place my left hand on top of the scope for stability it doesn’t change the POI. Same thing if I wrap the sling around my left arm for support. I’ve read that resting the forearm of the rifle on a hard surface vs a soft surface can cause a shift in...
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    How far was your average Antelope shot?

    113 yards. Find the terrain that lets you shoot the distance you’re comfortable with.
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    300WM Barnes TTSX 150g or 180g?

    For the record I believe every bullet will fail if used enough. I shot a bull elk with 180 grain accubonds out of a 300 jarret which is almost identical to a 300 RUM. The shots were all under 100 yards and it took 3 rounds to put him down. Each of the rounds completely fragmented less than 6”...
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    Water storage when Truck Camping

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Sounds like I either have to gamble with an economics container or pay for quality.