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    2014 Elk Meatpole

    Thought I would start off a 2014 Elk Harvest Post: I went in on Sunday morning 9/7 for the second time this Colorado archery elk season. It took me two hours and 50 min to reach my hunting spot which is pretty good time. I hunted Sunday night and Monday. Saw a few bulls but no shot...
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    Onestringer arrow wraps

    Hey just wanted to give Onestringer arrow wraps a shout out for having a kick azz custom wrap app. Check it out: BTY I put a little latin in the wrap thanking the animal for his life.
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    What speed is your rig shooting?

    Bowtech cpxl, 70 lbs., 439grains at 281fps
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    What's the next big step in archery design?

    I know it's the million dollar question...but..what do you say? I am seeing more and more carbon fiber bows but the performance hasn't really jumped... What type of engineering breakthrough or materials are we gonna need to get a bow to shoot 360's, 370's 380's fps but still have a shootable...
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    Can you learn correct Grip from Paper tune?

    So I'm shooting a "perfect" spine according to the software. When I set center shot I get a left tear with bare shaft at 10'. So I started moving the rest to the right to correct the tear but then my center shot was way off to the right....I then thought about hand torque. I set center shot...
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    How do you release the arrow?

    How do you let it go?
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    3'x3' outdoor target recommendations?

    So I'm tired of buying a $125 block target and blowing out the center in a year! I want to invest in a larger target. Partly for my Long distance practice but also because I could have several aiming points in a large target....hence making it last 4x as long. i was looking at big shot...
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    The "stan" method

    Anybody using the stan method for triggering the barrel? I shoot a shoot off and the method describes pulling into the stops, preloading your thumb on the barrel then once the sight picture is good to relax your index finger and .... Wham! Bow fires. Gonna play around with this method. I can...
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    Going back to .19 pins

    Have a tommy hogg 5 pin slider with a hogg wrap and .10 pins. I shoot both eyes open and love the precision of the .10 pins but age is catching up to me. The fiber optic pin is tiny and has become a little blurry when focusing on the target and not the pins. Switched to .19 pins and I can see...
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    Love those Salomons!

    Hey I thought I would pass on my experience. I'm a big archery elk hunter here in CO. I have had danners, Brownings and lastly asolo's for my last pair of boots. All of these I have had to wear liners and duck tape every day to prevent blisters.. i read good things about salomon 4d gtx boots...
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    13' Elk Harvest Pics

    Thought I would start off a thread to see everyone's 13' Elk harvest!! Here is my DIY Archery Bull 6x6 shot at 45yds 3 miles back in the Colorado backcountry!
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    Moultrie 990i

    Anybody running this trail cam? REviews seem good and the price is $156 on amazon.
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    Improved shooting with both eyes open

    So I just realized why my shooting has improved when shooting both eyes open. When I shot with one eye closed I would bring the pin on target and begin my pull.....but then I would subconsciously let the pin drift back off the target so I could see it again and then put the pin back on it. This...
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    Full draw film tour- Colorado front range sliders

    So the full draw film tour is coming to town July 12th. I think this date is in boulder?...Anyway, lets get a bunch of rockslide bowhunters together and go check it out. Beers before??? Here is the teaser
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    Breaking the epoxy bond

    Hey I want to cut down some of my arrows but already have a insert glued in with epoxy. I want to cut them where the insert is. Can I use a heat gun and break the bond of the epoxy to pull the inserts out? I do this all the time to change shafts on my golf driver. Anybody have experience with...