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    Has anyone gone from sliders back to fixed?

    First to admit I’m always tinkering, researching and reading forums to find the next best things. My current obsession has had me thinking about sight tapes, added weight, more moving parts, etc. I’m Strictly bow hunting, but I practice 3-4 nights a week 20-75 yards is typical. I’ve been...
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    Sold Athens Vista 31

    WTS my Athens Vista 31 with Fuse/QAD rest. Musket Brown Riser w/ Predator Deception limbs. RH, 65# Limbs, custom color GAS strings 4-6 weeks old, slightly used (got it bare shaft tuned) warranty is transferable in these bows and they are a sleeper bow. I bought 2 and keeping the 33. ****Sight...
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    HHA Hunting Sight

    Of those two SH which do you prefer strictly hunting? I originally was going to go with the Hunter MRT 5 pin but decided I’d rather gain a few ounces than clutter up site picture. Those were the two I settled on but was getting mixed opinions on both
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    What vanes do you all use?

    DCA Custom Arrows created Super Sabre’s. Running these on my recent build. Kyle is an engineer and has been working on them for 2 years. He’s also one of the crew in the new dialed sight team. His attention detail and engineering background has my confidence...
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    HHA Hunting Sight

    I thought I’d find more talk or threads pertaining to HHA Sights. Interested in the tetra max 4 pin slider. Can’t find any weight spec. or people posting reviews or asking question on here. I know 1-10 MBG vs. SH threads there might be a mention……Does the lack of conversation mean it just...
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    2022 best rangefinder? Purely hunting, primarily archery but also rifle hunt. No need for ballistic software or Bluetooth etc. just a fast, accurate, durable RF that does what it’s supposed to every time. I’m not on a budget but I’m not carrying around a terrapin. Warranty’s are nice but not...
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    PSE Levitate Warning

    Really interested in this bow, no shop near me has got one in to shoot yet….. I pulled RX7 ultra at 70#, V3X at 65#. I’m usually a mid 60# due to shoulder surgery. Is the draw cycle extremely aggressive or just some muscle memory? Could I buy the 70# and shoot down at 63# and enjoy it? I know...
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    One of many Stabilizer threads……

    The topic….mostly subjective I know. Has there ever been a tested stabilizer that is better than another? Price not being a deciding factor; but actual data on stiffness, weight, with dampening a plus, durability, etc. I’m interested in 10” and 12” lengths. Been eyeballing Shrewd RevX, Cutter...
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    Athens Vista 2022 line.

    When I noticed it was inside, I have an approx 14 yard shot from one end of basement to other. I shoot in one room, down a hallway into another room. I was standing next to some closet doors. I do think that exaggerated the noise a lot, I then went outside and shot but by then I was in my head.
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    Athens Vista 2022 line.

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    Athens Vista 2022 line.

    Wondering if anyone else gave Athens a shot? I drove 3 hrs to test one out….. great draw cycle, gas strings, on paper the 31 checked a lot of boxes for me. I shot a fair amount at shop and I was feeling good about the bow. But once I got it home and tuned up man does it seem loud and shocky. I...
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    High end hunting pack 2200 to 3600

    Yeah I’m very happy with it. Here is the link for part 2. Good luck!
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    High end hunting pack 2200 to 3600

    I’d take the time and watch Zach’s videos as he gets pretty down and dirty with all the top tiers. Seek, SG, Kifaru and Exo (USA made) bags all have excellent reviews by tons of hunters on this site alone. I don’t believe the pack will make anymore noise than you are, the rest comes down to...
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    6.5PRC vs 280AI

    Thank you, that’s what I wanted to hear as I got the itch to buy a 280AI, seems like all the stores are stocking 6.5prc and 6.5cm rifles. I have to ask what happened to 7mm-08 or 280AI don’t know if it covid or what but if I find a weapon I like and it happens to be chambered in -08 or 280AI...
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    6.5PRC vs 280AI

    Ballistically these two seem to be very close in a lot of category’s on paper (6.5prc vs 280AI). In a hunting rig only for whitetail, muley, pronghorn and elk does anyone have real world experience or run the data to confirm one or the other. I do not reload yet but have access with a buddy...