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    Has anyone booked a hunt with huntnation?

    I can say that the communication between HuntNation & I has been great. I've not received much in the way of communication from the outfitter but thus far the experience has been good. We'll see next week once we get out on the hunt how the outfitter experience is.
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    Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    Good mass , congrats on the memories and beautiful buck.
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    Fall in SE Texas...

    Sounds like CA as well, minus the humidity. I cannot wait to move away from this heat.
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    If you could move anywhere?

    If CA had Wyomings policies and politics CA would be really high on people's places to live. The winters in the valley are far better than those in Casper. Not to mention all the outdoor activities it offers. The general deer hunting isn't great & turkeys on public is hard but otherwise the...
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    Does Anyone NOT Take a Picture Anymore?

    Yup. I know how much the pics of my Dad, Grandfather and Friends in the field mean to me. I know that the pics and memories of our trips will matter to my kids and grandkids someday so I am mindful to take what I can. I'm almost never in them myself but the older my kids (and I) get the more I...
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    Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    Beautiful set up you've got. Good luck out there, I hope you have a safe and productive hunt. I'm looking forward to ours. We've got a few deer tags, antelope tags and cow elk tags to fill. It's going to be a great trip.
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    I'd love to try one of those but unfortunately they don't make a lefty.
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    Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle

    That price is insane.
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    Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    15 more days for me.... I'm getting the itch.
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    If you could move anywhere?

    I'd say Idaho or Montana just to watch all the residents of those states flip out.
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    Mini split heat

    Would adding a dehumidifier negate the moisture issue? I'm also going to have a wood burning stove as well.
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    Mini split heat

    Following.... I'll be building something similar next year in Colorado and am interested in the same. I was looking at a ventless propane heater but if the mini will do the work I may buy a unit that has heat as well as AC.
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    Arkansas hunting and fishing?

    There's some good bass & trout fishing there. It may not compare to some of the smallmouth lakes up North but it's still good. You may want to check the public access for hunting close to where you are looking. I know when we were considering Texas that the lack of public land close by was the...
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    Career choice advice

    Well said, you pretty much put me in a box with this. Great advice.