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    Don't fix what isn't broke(or should you).

    Tighty Whiteys to Boxer changing!
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    High Mileage Vehicle's

    That's probably true. Metal in your oil could come from basically any oiled, moving component. Sucks for sure. Would you be comfortable finding a wrecked 5.3 from a junkyard. Lots of these trucks are being "totaled" because of an accident even if there's no engine involvement. If not...
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    High Mileage Vehicle's

    Now that's interesting. The shop that changed the gasket is the same shop that says it's fine for months then says you need a new motor.... Low oil pressure at idle can be several things but I find it's normally too little oil or your oil pump is going out. I was also going to mention what...
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    High Mileage Vehicle's

    I do agree with this wholeheartedly.
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    High Mileage Vehicle's

    I'll clarify, my original comment was only toward "1500" trucks. I assumed the OP was referring to was also referring to 1/2 ton.
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    High Mileage Vehicle's

    I wouldn't buy a domestic vehicle with over 100,000 miles unless I was getting a steal and didn't need to drive it further than a few miles. Dodge, Ford, Chevy... all have known issues over 130-150K miles. Sure there are stories of the truck that lasts forever, but the vast majority will...
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    Now THIS happened to me...

    Your ICD saved your life. I have an idea of what rhythm you were in, but would you mind sharing what your MD's thought? I'm not an expert but I'd be very interested. Very glad you made it out of there! You've earned your tough guy card!
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    Hunting on your Mountain Bike

    Maybe ya'll can educate me on this. How do you keep the mud from being flung all over your gear? I see you have a dry bag on the bottom but you have your bare bow right on top. Does the mud not get on the top?
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    Albino Buck

    This one was taken in New York State. Near but not on the Seneca Army Depot. The depot is known for having a herd of albino deer. I don’t the individual directly but a coworker does.
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    Rock climbing harness system, what to buy

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> His video has a lot of great detail of moding the rock harness to make using a lineman's belt easy. And also how to climb with the...
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    Being a good guest hunter

    You've done alot up to the actual hunt. I would hunt at his pace to start. Even if he's much slower than you, don't push him until you get to know each other better. DON'T slow him down if his pace is faster than your normal. Be ready to go. Nothing would ruin my hunt more than the random...
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    Disgraceful Hunters

    I think this thread is exposing a few disgraceful hunters....
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    Bucket list hunt

    Tippy Top of the list: Whitetail Deer on my private 500+ acre home/hunting compound. Red Stag New Zealand. More for the location than the animal really.
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    Pants with zipper vent on sides

    Add Hip Vents If you have a reputable seamstress in you area, they could probably do it for a reasonable cost.
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    Top Three 2019 hunting buys (Game Changers)

    Extra Strength Gold Bond - perfect wake-up call in the morning, pure invigoration