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    Carrying a sidearm while bowhunting?

    I carry pretty much everywhere I go. Even to church! In the woods it's usually a 9mm unless I'm out west and then it's a G20. I'm carrying as much for protection from 2 legged critters as the 4 legged ones.
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    Sitka WS Kelvin hoody

    As far as treestand hunting is concerned the Fanatic jacket and bibs are GREAT!. Quiet and warm. I will usually carry the jacket in strapped to my backpack. I zip down the bibs from the waist down to my knees almost so I don't overheat walking in. I've been on the fence about the Kelvin WS...
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    Bergara Highlanders

    I believe the issue with my Highlander really had to do with the cartridge more than anything. The 6.5PRC round is a fat round and with what little experience I have with it I think it is best suited to a detachable box magazine. At the range I fed it one round at a time and of course no issues...
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    Bergara Highlanders

    Hmmm. Good thing is that CS is great and they are taking care of issues. However, you are right. A weapon, especially in this price range shouldn't be having all of these issues. Sounds like a QC issue in production.
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    Bergara Highlanders

    Any time.
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    Bergara Highlanders

    Just saw your post Crocker. First off the rifle was very very accurate! Fit and finish was great! Overall it was a very good looking rifle and probably the most accurate rifle I owned. The issues were multiple. The rifle was advertised with a magazine capacity of 3 plus one in the chamber. When...
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    Height and weight

    5'5" and 170. I typically stay between 170 and 175. I'm 56 and in the gym 6-8 times a week doing a mix of strength and Crossfit. I feel pretty good at this weight and have no issues. I've been seriously working out since the late 70's and so far plan to keep on doing so.
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    Love Hate with my A400 Extreme

    3-4 years ago my son claimed my Benelli SBEII so I tried out the A400 Extreme and didn't like it from the beginning. It was big and bulky and just didn't feel right. I really liked the how slim and trim the SBEII was. I hunted with the Beretta for a season and when the SBEIII came out I sold...
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    Whats your name boy?

    I love waterfowling and I also run hunt test and field trials with my labs. I live in the south so dog comes out dawg. Watrdawg.
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    Looking for a new choke...

    I'm shooting 3" Heavy Metal #3's out of my SBE3 with an improved modified factory choke and have no issues out to 50 yards max. It's a .700 constriction I believe. Actually I pretty much use it for everything, dove, duck and geese.
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    Chukar Gun

    I'm shooting an Ithaca/SKB 600 in 20 ga for quail and chukar. Great little gun! You can find them on gunbroker right in your price range pretty frequently. I've had my for about 20 years now and wouldn't trade it or sell it period. I'm looking for another in 28ga.
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    Adult dog training for waterfowl questions

    I've been working with retrievers for at least the last 15 years. My current dog is a AKC Master hunter and and we also run field trials. The best advice I've read so far is to pick a retrieving program and then stick with it along with getting involved in a HRC club or a AKC retriever club...
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    Diesel truck regret?

    I've had two diesels now, 2004.5 GMC 2500HD and 2016 Chevy 2500HD. No way I would never go back to a gasser. I love being able to tow what I want basically and have that luxury
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    Bergara Highlanders

    Update on my Highlander issues. I started having the same issues as previously with the bolt riding over the top round in the magazine and cycling was very rough. I emailed the same CS rep from previously and told him that I had purchased a Seekins PH2 and had come to the conclusion I was going...
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    IWB for Shield 2.0

    I have a couple of High Noon Holsters and they are very well built. I also like Custom Carry Concepts except they are backed up and turn times are at least 12 weeks or longer.