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    WTB WTB or trade - Kifaru Door Gunner for Quandry

    I am looking for a Door Gunner. I am leaning towards wolf grey in preference but also like the Ranger Green. Doesn't need to have a belt. I have a nearly new Quandry that I would be willing to trade plus cash from me. If I give up hope of rehoming someone elses I will order new and sell the...
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    WTB Vortex Summit Tripod

    In the market for a vortex summit tripod and window mount. Thought I’d try here before buying new. Thanks
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    WTS Kifaru gear

    Pm sent
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    Tree stand with Kifaru quarter panel.

    I’ve been keeping an eye open for a cargo panel and still may go that way but has anyone hauled a tree stand around with the quarter panel? I’m afraid of harming the material with any sharper edges. I currently have the woodsman and a 22 mag on the way. But thinking using this to haul around...
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    WTS Kuiu bino harness

    I’ll take it. Pm sent
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    Suggestions for a good day hunting load hauling backpack

    I run a Kifaru woodsman but the 22 mag is great too
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    Non resident SD Antelope question

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    Antelope and Burns

    As soon as there is decent vegetation to eat. I seen deer in a burn that was still smoldering.
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    Judging speed goats..

    I don’t know anything but I’d prolly shoot him
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    Bladder attachment to Kifaru cargo panel

    Thinking of switching to the cargo panel too. Didn’t even think of water bladder. Following
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    Danner Thoroughfare

    These look great but I kinda like those shorter ones
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    Western hunter going to the tree stand.... help me!

    I would give anything to find trees worth having a climber!! All the ones where I live are way to knarly!
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    2019 Annual Rokslide Cooler Showdown

    Thanks for the ice bath cool down tip
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    Antelope and cattle

    Hoping to draw a tag in cattle country too.... when I have seen them while hunting deer I’d have to agree that they don’t seem to pay attention to each other. Tho I’ve never been actively hunting them either