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    CO Leftover list is up

    As mentioned they are "reissued"- originally given out in the 1st draw. CPW saw this as a way to make more money on cancelled tags. The other option was to issue more tags factoring in a percentage that would not hunt, but that had the potential to over harvest. Usually they are turned...
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    Poll ?: Archery PRONGHORN stalk vs sitting water

    Water. Sit long enough and you will get one
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    Start to Finish (Informational request)

    There are people who go and do things- then there are people who “TALK” about doing things they will never do…. If you are serious, you will go in 2021 this year even if it’s a solo bonsai long weekend trip. You will learn more in 2 days about yourself and what you need to do to be a...
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    Iron Will Question

    I have shot many broadheads and this is what I have found- vented are more forgiving than solid. Smaller is more forgiving than wider. If this is your second season I would go forgiving- as in the Iron Will standard vented 100gr. I have noticed the solids and the wides at 35+yards start...
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    This is my point- the recommendation is situational 😀 A Non-Resident POW hunt is harder to come by, you either have to draw the tag 2 yrs out and pay for a transporter or drive and ferry and maybe a boat rental-, or pay a guide to get a tag, and work out the logistics Furthermore there are...
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    I think you should let us know what your outfitter recommends? I would get on their good side.
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    Haha, don’t worry I’m not butt hurt. And Yes I have seen a .243 with a TSX do just fine on a black bear. It’s situational- tons of bears over bait, kids have lots of free tags, can shoot multiple bears over a looong season, not worried about it, etc. The premise of my post is the OP is going...
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    The best way to start your paid for guided hunt is to tell the outfitter and guide they are wrong for suggesting a bigger caliber! How many on here have actually hunted POW? Multiple times? It’s not a baited hunt with close shots and time to pick your angle…. I am sure the outfitter has seen...
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    Brown bear advice?

    Kodiak or the Peninsula. I would go for spring hunt. Talk to outfitters and find one you trust
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    We have killed plenty of black bears and brownies, most with a bow, and know they are not thick skinned. That said POW has the biggest black bears around and a 7+' blackie with 20+" skull is not the same beast as run of the mill bears, even in the rest of AK. If your shot is off they are tough...
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    I'll buck the trend and say NO. If you do so you must make a perfect shot, and not be put out if your guide throws in a follow up shot. Guides don't like to track bears, especially on POW where it can be an absolute jungle, and the wounding LAW says you are done if you touch the bear. I have...
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    2022 Caribou hunt booked! Will moose be around too??

    Yeah, and for moose you would need to target the last week of the season
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    2022 Caribou hunt booked! Will moose be around too??

    I would not do both moose and bou unless you planned to change camps, and had a lot of time- 2+ weeks. Now Bou and Grizzly is a great combo!
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    Help me with my tactical plan

    Pronghorn are fun
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    .338 compact build barrel options

    Not yet. ended up with a 308 with a 16" barrel and Suppressor for the kids to shoot so that bump my compact build back. Now toying with the idea of turning a 300 Saum in a model 7 into a 338 or 358 cal wildcat Saum by reboring it with JES...